“1st Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant”

Grenville Kleiser, a North American author of inspirational books born in Toronto, Canada, and a public speaking instructor at Yale University, left us this very memorable quote – “Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment.” When you consider the many accolades of ‘good humor’ cited in Kleiser’s quote, you more than likely will concur that ‘good humor’ is indisputably ‘good for the soul.’


With those attributes of ‘humor’ in mind, mark your calendar for Saturday evening, November 15, 2014. That date, the third Saturday night in November, is one that will bring those in attendance several hours of laughter and smiles as quite a few educators, community leaders, a local preacher, several TCCHS students, the TCCHS dance team, and the TCCHS cheerleaders will provide both the entertainment and concessions for those in attendance. Add to that the benefits of assisting with a worthy cause and enjoying one that is ‘family-oriented,’ and you will agree the evening will be one well worth your being in the audience. Sponsored by the TCCHS PTO, the goal of this fund-raising event is to generate funds to purchase a new video projector system for the auditorium. Faye Turnbaugh, PTO president, added, “The PTO officers tossed several fund-raising ideas around at an earlier meeting this year, and everyone agreed that we wanted to do something different; we also wanted something the whole family could attend, and we wanted community involvement.”


Mrs. Jennifer Pope, TCCHS principal, remarked, “The ‘Womanless Beauty Pageant’ will feature Todd County staff, students, and community members. The event will be entertaining and fun for the entire family. When the PTO works for our students, they always go above and beyond expectations to entertain the community.” She added, “I expect nothing less than a great show on the 15th. The students, staff, and I appreciate so much the PTO’s contributions to our school; the members consistently donate time and skills to TCCHS, and each effort made by the PTO directly benefits our students.”


Noting the TCCHS auditorium and its facilities are used not only for students’ benefit but for the community’s benefit as well, Mrs. Pope explained, “The school truly is an extension of the community. By having a projector available for events, the auditorium can be used by outside groups and allow for more people from the community to bring activities to our school. It is always the goal of TCCHS to get the community involved.”


Of course, all folks are wondering who the participants will be in this ‘womanless beauty pageant,’ and some of those tentatively slated for contributing to the ‘good humor’ of that night include Arthur Green, former TCCHS staff member and president of the Todd County Retired Teachers; Todd Marshall, former TCCHS principal; Michael Taylor and Ed Oyler, Todd County Board of Education administrators; Steven K. McGhee (’06), history teacher and girls’ soccer and girls’ basketball coach; Chuck Sadler (’86), South Todd Elementary; Bruce Voth, South Todd assistant principal; Jon Partlow, preacher at West Side Church of Christ; Jason Clardy (’01), Elkton policeman; and Kendall Farmer and Lucian Moore (’89), TCCHS football coaches. Emcees for the evening will include Craig Bristow (’03) and Shane Hessey, owner of Todd County and Cook-Webb Funeral Homes. Also assisting with one of the events planned for the night are several TCCHS students – those young men, mostly seniors, include Grant Edwards, Logan Powell, James Bishop, Nathan Brown, Dylan Wilkerson, Cody Morgan, Naytrimus Harris, Hunter Harper, and Dylan Nichols.


Doors open at 5:30 PM with concessions available to the public; please note that proceeds from the concessions are earmarked for the cheerleaders and dance team. Concessions to be sold will include hot dogs, pork chop sandwiches, popcorn, and drinks. Tickets for the pageant are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Those five and under are free. Mrs. Turnbaugh also expressed thanks to Robert Downey, representative of Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial, who is matching a pledge of $1250.00 of total monies collected that night at the door. With the event striving for a goal of $7000.00 to purchase the new video equipment, your attendance will definitely serve two purposes – it will add to the coffers necessary to assist with improving the capabilities of the TCCHS auditorium, and it will also provide a ‘family-oriented evening of entertainment’ that is guaranteed to produce several hours of ‘good humor and laughter.’


~Article by Carolyn L. Wells

October 24, 2014