News February 2014

As of February 18, 2014, the membership committee has located names and addresses for 43 of the 50 graduating classes of TCCHS.  We have leads on several of the missing classes, and we anticipate one more mass mailing to several of those remaining seven classes in the near future.  You can easily help us maintain an accurate spreadsheet by sending any contact information changes of you or your family to Also, as you are well aware, many graduates have passed away, so we ask you to share with us those names as well. Please be sure to include years of graduation and maiden names to make location of graduates easier.

We currently have over 200 graduates and friends who have chosen to become members of the alumni association this year, and we are so very thankful that several graduates have opted to become lifetime members. That ‘leap of faith’ is indeed very rewarding to us since our efforts at organizing the alumni association are in the neophyte stage.  Again, we are so very appreciative of the positive support and comments we have received since we began this journey of organization in June 2013.

Our intentions are to be a contact for those planning class reunions, and the master spreadsheet maintained by the alumni association will definitely allow a much easier preparation for class reunions.  Please realize we have not been able to locate all individuals in all classes; however, for most classes we have a majority of the graduates and their contact info. Also, when you contact us, please be sure to include your maiden names since our spreadsheet is set up based on names of students while in high school.

The association wants to express its gratitude to Elkton Bank & Trust Company for their financial support of this website.  Elkton Bank’s generosity has enabled us to channel our monies into other avenues rather than the expenditures necessary for launching of this website.  We also applaud the efforts and talents of Mrs. Lorilee Thompson Rager (Class of 1997) and her team at Thrive Creative Group in Clarksville for accepting the challenge of setting up our website and honing it to meet our requests.  Please know your support of our efforts is indeed encouraging to us.

Again, we express our appreciation to the many alumni, friends, and supporters of the association who have embraced our efforts!