TCCHS Yearbooks Now Digitized

In a combined effort with the Todd County Public Library, the TCCHS Library, and the TCCHS Alumni Association, all TCCHS yearbooks are now digitized. The effort was begun with a request from OCI (Oklahoma Correctional Institute) to have access to the paper copy of the yearbooks of TCCHS. The company was sent five yearbooks to determine what the finished product would look like, and the Todd County Library was very pleased with the results. Because the Library did not have all the yearbooks, Cathy Cavanah, current media specialist at TCCHS, and Carolyn Wells supplied the missing years. The yearbook JPEG files, which are 300 DPI (dots per inch), are now available to the public with the proceeds from the sale of the digitized yearbooks being split between the three groups – the Todd County Public Library, the TCCHS library, and the TCCHS Alumni Association. A digitized yearbook will sell for $31.00 with the JPEG files being mailed on a CD. That amount includes a $1.00 to offset the costs of postage and the digital media. Please contact Audrea Fiese Clairmont, Class of 1995, at the Todd County Public Library if you are interested in purchasing the digitized yearbook. Her email address is If you prefer, you may also send a request to Carolyn L. Wells at