TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships Posted Online

Please share this info with as many of the members of the TCCHS Class of 2015 as possible.

The late Nelson Mandela, a humanitarian and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 until 1999 and who became the first black president of South Africa and the first president elected in a representative democratic election in South Africa, penned these memorable words – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The late Kathy R. Whitford, a well-known and beloved teacher at South Todd Elementary, shared often with her students at South Todd, “Education is something no one can ever take from you.” Jason Meriwether, a 1997 graduate of TCCHS and now the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana, emailed, “In 2014, the average salary for a college graduate was $48,707.00 according to the National Association of College Employers, while the average salary for persons with only a high school diploma was $28,000.00.  Taking advantage of scholarship support to earn a degree can have significant impact on lifetime earnings and annual income.  The only thing better than earning a college degree is doing it for free.”

Since its formation in May 2013, one primary goal of the TCCHS Alumni Association has been its emphasis on generating monies to finance scholarship opportunities for the graduates of TCCHS. This past May 2014, the Class of 2014 graduates of TCCHS received a total of $7500.00 in scholarships offered through the efforts of the alumni association. That figure, one that speaks highly of those individuals and graduates who have committed monies to this effort, reflects the caring nature of so many TCCHS alumni and so many Todd Countians, including those who remain in the area and those scattered around the world. Obviously, to generate those funds, the alumni association has been fortunate in having those scholarship supporters ‘jump on board’ to provide the funding necessary for those scholarships. Jackie Boyd Weathers, chair of the association’s scholarship committee and newly elected mayor of Elkton, added, “The TCCHS Alumni Association has been so very blessed to have had the opportunity to organize the efforts of several who have contributed to the alumni scholarships, and we are so very appreciative of the generosity of those who are making these scholarships possible.”

In a recent survey of college costs, the College Board reported a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2013–2014 academic year averaged $22,826.00. For a private college, that figure was almost doubled at a cost of $44,750.00. Ann Henderson Gardner, TCCHS Class of 1965, shared that scholarships are “like gifts from God.” Noting her granddaughter, Haley Register, is a college student in Tennessee, Mrs. Gardner emphasized scholarships enabled Haley to fund her tuition at UT in Knoxville. She added, “When my daughter Nancy Gardner Register started at Murray State following graduation from TCCHS in 1986, $1500.00 covered her first semester completely.” Obviously as all those who have tackled college in recent years realize, those figures have indeed skyrocketed. Dawayne Kirkman, the Director of Sinclair Community College’s Learning Centers in Dayton, Ohio, and a member of the TCCHS Class of 1994, however, emphasized, “The college going process can be an overwhelming one, but the benefits of graduating are many. Students that graduate with a two or four year degree make a higher lifetime earnings, as well as have a more fulfilling work environment, better health, and longer life.” He cited 2013 data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealing that someone with a typical high school diploma earns a median wage of approximately $651.00 weekly in comparison to someone with a bachelor’s degree who can earn about $1108.00 weekly.

The association’s scholarships that will be offered to this year’s seniors through the efforts of the alumni association include the Buddy and Christine Boyd Girls’ Athletic Scholarship, the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Scholarship, two 2015 TCCHS Memorial Alumni Association Scholarships (one in memory of Jeffery Wayne Farmer, Class of 1990, and the other in memory of Kenneth Michael Miller, Class of 1972), the Gary Strader Memorial Agriculture Scholarship in memory of Gary Strader, Class of 1985, and two TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships. Those scholarships obtainable this year reflect a $500.00 increase from the scholarship total awarded last year. Tyler Harris, winner of the Kenneth Michael Miller Memorial Scholarship and the son of Kevin and Jill Harris, emailed, “It was an honor to be selected as a recipient of one of the first scholarships offered through the alumni association.  The money will help cover expenses as I work toward my goal of graduating from the University of Kentucky and pursuing a career as a professional.”

Noting that the scholarships can be used at both colleges and technical schools, Mrs. Weathers stressed that the scholarships the association is providing are available and are posted online at She added too that they can be easily downloaded from the association’s website. She also emphasized that students need to be mindful of the requirements for the scholarships with all scholarships except the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Scholarship requiring a GPA of at least a 3.0; the Everett Scholarship, on the other hand, requires a 3.5 out of 4.00. Mrs. Weathers added too that completion of the scholarships is not an arduous task; however, she underscored they must be submitted to the TCCHS guidance counselor by April 15, 2015.

C.S. Lewis, the well-known poet, novelist, and essayist, penned, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Lewis, known for The Chronicles of Narnia, holds the distinction of dying on the same day as the late John F. Kennedy, Lewis’ death, however, obviously shadowed by the loss of JFK. We have all heard the cliché ‘You cannot win something if you do not register, ’ and that cliché very aptly fits the alumni association’s encouragement for this year’s TCCHS seniors to ‘apply for the scholarships available to them.’ Obviously, many scholarship opportunities from many outlets exist; however, Linda Stokes Fritz, president of the TCCHS Alumni Association, reiterates the need for the Class of 2015 to take the time to apply for the scholarships. A former educator and guidance counselor, Mrs. Fritz emailed, “The TCCHS Alumni Association encourages all seniors who meet the GPA requirements to take time to apply for those scholarships. I am certain those students recognized last year will attest to the fact that having scholarships definitely lessens the burdens of college expenses.”

~Written by Carolyn L. Wells

January 19, 2015