TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships … 2015

May 17, 2013 – the TCCHS Alumni Association had its beginnings at a chance meeting of three alumni at West Side Church of Christ. May 17, 2014 – the TCCHS Alumni Association hosted the “50th Year Celebration” honoring the first 50 years of TCCHS’s history. May 30, 2014 – the TCCHS Alumni Association honored five 2014 seniors with the first TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships totaling $7500.00. May 15, 16, and 17, 2015 – the TCCHS Alumni Association co-sponsored the “TC Showcase – Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future.” May 29, 2015 – the TCCHS Alumni Association presented $8300.00 in scholarships to eight members of the Class of 2015. Those dates, those memorable events, and those scholarship monies certainly attest to the efforts exerted by the officers, members, and friends of the TCCHS Alumni Association. Linda Stokes Fritz, president, messaged, “The association is so very grateful for all of the support that it has been provided since its formation three years ago. We are also so very honored that we are able to ‘give back’ to our alma mater in so many ways, especially in our being able to provide scholarships to worthy students.”

Dr. Bill Weathers, TCCHS Class of 1965 and husband of Elkton Mayor Jackie Boyd Weathers, recognized this year’s scholarship winners at graduation, stressing in his presentation that the scholarships would not be possible without the support provided the alumni association by so many in our community. Dr. Weathers, who was nominated to the United States Naval Academy and served a total of six years in the U. S. Navy and Naval Reserve, holds a Ph.D. in communication and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Dr. Weathers is a practicing psychotherapist in Clarksville. David Leavell, TCCHS Class of 1965, assisted in the scholarship presentations to this year’s recipients. Mr. Leavell is also a 1965 graduate of Todd Central and a deacon at the First Missionary Baptist Church in Elkton, the site of this year’s baccalaureate ceremony. He is married to Mrs. Phyllis Edmonds Leavell, also a member of the Class of 1965.

Those 2015 graduates recognized at graduation Friday night, May 29, included Regan Sandefur, who received the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Technical Scholarship in the amount of $2000.00. Elizabeth M. Addison, First Honor Student, received the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Academic Scholarship in the amount of $2000.00. The late Tom and Rowena Everett were lifelong supporters of education from the Fairview area. Ms. Rowena died last year on July 4, 2014, her 100th birthday. Both supporters of Lindsey Wilson College, Mr. Everett has a building on that campus named in his honor. Autumn M. Harris was the recipient of the Buddy and Christine Boyd Memorial Girls’ Athletic Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00. This scholarship is one honoring the late Buddy and Christine Boyd, two beloved members of the Todd County community. One of the two TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships in the amount of $750.00 was awarded to Brooke N. Johnson, and the second TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarship in the amount of $750.00 was awarded to Valerie A. McIntosh. Jonathan A. Partlow, Jr. received the Carolyn L. Wells Academic and Leadership Scholarship in the amount of $750.00 This was the first year for this scholarship given by Carolyn Wells, who served in the TCCHS English Department from 1972 until her retirement in 2006. DeAndrea N. Dunbar received the Jeffery Wayne Farmer Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $550.00, a $50.00 scholarship increase from last year. The Farmer scholarship honors the late Jeffery Wayne Farmer, a 1990 graduate of TCCHS who died from cancer. Stephen Thomas Smith received the Gary Strader Memorial Agriculture Scholarship, also the first year for this scholarship, one in memory of the late Gary Strader, a 1985 TC graduate who was killed in a farm accident.

This year’s eight alumni scholarship winners received a total of $8300.00 in scholarships from the alumni association, an increase of $800.00 from last year. Mrs. Jackie Weathers, scholarship committee chair, emphasized that this year saw a growth in the number of students who completed applications for the scholarships, and she expressed appreciation to other members of the scholarship committee – Charlotte Morrow, Class of 1966 and a former member of the TCCHS faculty; Joyce Wright Darby, treasurer of the alumni association and a member of the TCCHS Class of 1972; Jeremy Long, alumni association vice-president and a member of the Class of 1998; and Carolyn Wells, secretary of the alumni association and a former member of the TCCHS English Department. Also expressing thanks to those of our community and alumni who have contributed to the scholarship effort, Mrs. Weathers remarked, “We are so very appreciative of the positive response we have been given through our efforts to provide these scholarships. It is indeed a positive reflection on the value so many of our community members and alumni have for education, and we are indeed so blessed that we have been instrumental in assisting so many students in their desires to attend college and/or technical schools.”

A supporter of the scholarship effort, Renee Jackson Moyd, a 1978 graduate of TC, a graduate of Brenau University in Georgia with a MBA in business administration, and the Director of Network Planning and Development at the University of Florida in Jacksonville, emailed she is so very grateful for the efforts of the alumni association to support students in their pursuit of education past the secondary level. Several graduates, several community members, and several former teachers who have provided financial backing to the alumni scholarship effort have echoed that sentiment. Ron Lewis, a retired Kentucky politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1994 to 2009, having represented the 2nd Congressional District of Kentucky, provided this very fitting bit of wisdom – “Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations.” That being said, the 2015 graduates of TCCHS have indeed been provided supportive stepping-stones offering them financial backing to pursue their college and technical school goals.

~ Article by Carolyn L. Wells

May 30, 2015