TCCHS Alumni Association Launches Brick and Mug Sales

Originally constructed around 1938 through efforts of the Works Progress Administration and bearing the words “Todd County High School 1938” above the entrance to the former building, one of the five predecessors of Todd County Central High School educated the students of Todd County from its opening in the late 1930’s until its closure in 1996 with the renovation of the current Todd County Middle School. For those familiar with the history of Todd County Central, you will recall the high schools within the county consolidated in the fall of 1963 with the opening of TCCHS. That merging of high schools, Clifty Consolidated, Trenton High, Guthrie High, Todd Training, and Todd (Elkton) High, also led to integration within the county school system, thus attempting to end to a large degree at the local school level the segregation that was so familiar to our nation.

For those familiar with the history of schools in Todd County, you may recall that for many years an “Elkton High School” sat proudly on Washington Street. Later that building housed a chicken hatchery, and it also remains in folks’ memories as an apartment complex, one described by Gary Violette as giving Elkton a “progressive, urban quality in the late 1880’s.” Violette, a well-known Todd Countian and an architect who worked on renovations of the old 1938 school building, messaged this information regarding the ‘Todd County’ High School so many know. He clarified, “The original building was designed as ‘Elkton High School,’ but the name ‘Todd County High School’ was adopted to reflect its being part of the Todd County School System. This also differentiated it from the former ‘Elkton High School’ that was located on Washington Street.” Noting that ‘Todd County High School’ was its official name, Gary added the 1938 building was usually referred to as ‘Elkton High School’ or ‘EHS.’ Again, for those knowledgeable about the old school, you will recall the school’s mascot was the ‘Elks,’ with ‘Elkton Elks’ and ‘EtHoS’ usually associated with its name and yearbooks.

In recent weeks, the Todd County School District gave the TCCHS Alumni Association clay bricks that remain from the original school structure of 1938. Those bricks, which are an approximate 8 3/8 inches by 2 ¾ inches by 4 inches, will be sold as a fundraising project for the alumni association. Monies generated from this project will assist the association with its scholarship efforts. Folks familiar with the history of the former high school will recall that bricks were sold years ago as another fundraiser. The alumni association’s effort will utilize a 1995 photo of the former school serving as the dominant image on the plaques that will adorn the clay bricks. Jeremy Long, president of the TCCHS Alumni Association and head custodian at Todd County Middle School, commented, “The alumni association is ecstatic that we can offer to the public the newly completed bricks that can serve for generations as mementos of former years at the old school, of former memories of ‘high school’ days, or perhaps even as mementos of Todd County as well.”

Charlotte Murray Myers, a 1967 TCCHS graduate who completed some of the plaques for the original brick project of years ago, will again hone her artistic skills and complete the plaques that will be attached to each brick. The association also expresses thanks to Mrs. Linda Harris Bradham of Wooster, Ohio; Ms. Linda, TCCHS Class of 1965, had a 1995 photo of Todd County (Elkton) High School that was taken just prior to its demolition; that photo served as the photograph for the brick project completed years ago, and it is the photo that Ms. Charlotte is now using for the new brick fundraiser project. Linda Stokes Fritz, alumni association vice-president, messaged, “This brick project delivers a nostalgic history enriched with fond memories of the good ‘old school days.’ The bricks sold as a fundraiser continue the life of the school that once stood so elegantly on the west side of the Square, performing for many decades the job it was constructed to accomplish – educating Todd County students.”

Ann Henderson Gardner, Class of 1965 and a director for the alumni association, reflected, “The bricks serve as memories representing the history of long-lasting friendships.” Adding the bricks also represent the teachers and principals we respected and the activities we participated in, she stressed they are a part of our history and are priceless to many of us. She also emphasized, “It was a very sad time when the building we spent so much of our lives in had to be torn down. Progress is understandably necessary, but it is still sad to many of us.”  Marlene Hurt Herrell, who attended the former high school on West Main Street, echoed the sentiments of so many, “The bricks are indeed great memories of times past.”

The alumni association will be selling the recently donated bricks, with the attached photo plaque of the former high school, at a cost of $25.00. The association will also be offering glass coffee mugs, which will feature the 1995 color photo or a 1939 black and white photo, for a cost of $10.00. For those who are out of town, the association will gladly mail the bricks or the mugs at an additional cost. For a cost of $12.65, one to four bricks or two to four mugs can be mailed in one box. Cost for mailing one mug will vary in the neighborhood of $6.00 to $7.00 depending upon location for the shipment. Quantities of the bricks and mugs are limited, so the association encourages everyone to purchase the bricks and mugs as soon as possible.

Carolyn Wells, secretary of the association, stresses, “The monies made from the brick and mug project will allow the ‘old high school’ to assist a new generation of students who will soon exit the current high school that replaced the former one so familiar to folks in our community. It is so very fitting the bricks and structure that served as an earlier foundation for a secondary education can continue that legacy into the 21st Century.” A brick and mug will soon be on display at “Something Special” in Elkton and will be available there for sale after Christmas. To place an order now in time for the holidays, you can contact Carolyn L. Wells at, at 270-265-7448, or via Facebook to place an order.  If you live out of town and want to order and have your order mailed to you, please mail a check for the amount of your purchase and provide information about the item(s) you want. Checks can be mailed and made out to TCCHS Alumni Association, P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220. We are very confident these treasured items will last a lifetime and make excellent gifts for all occasions.

~Carolyn L. Wells

November 20, 2015