TCCHS Alumni Association Geared Up for Year Two

Confucius, the well-known and often quoted Chinese philosopher, teacher, editor, and politician, penned these words – “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.” The year 2013 saw the initial “planting of a seed” for a non-profit organization that has been christened with the name “TCCHS Alumni Association.” Its leadership has also chosen for its motto the words “Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future” with the word our obviously referring to TCCHS. The year 2013 also saw several milestones for the neophyte organization including its creation and adoption of bylaws, its selection of a motto, logo, and mission statement, its organization and election of officers, its sponsoring a “50th Year Celebration” honoring the first jubilee of TCCHS, its securing of a website and community presence, its providing invitations to join the association to 48 of the 51 classes of TCCHS, and its culminating its first year of existence with the awarding of $7500.00 in scholarships to the 2014 graduates of TCCHS.

With a membership now totaling just over 300 alumni and friends, the TCCHS Alumni Association is ‘geared up and running’ in its second year and is well underway with plans for several activities the remainder of this year and next year as well. Linda Stokes Fritz, president of the association, pointed out, “We are so very thankful for the encouragement the alumni association received during its first year, and we anticipate continued support as we work to promote TCCHS and to provide even more scholarship opportunities for the students of TCCHS.” She added that in the weeks past and during the weeks ahead the association has plans to be present at several sporting events to solicit either new members or to renew memberships for folks who joined last year. Carolyn Wells, secretary of the association and chair of the membership committee, stresses that it is very important that members from last year either seek us out at different activities or return the membership form that is available online at She added that quite a few graduates joined the association last year at several home football games; however, this year Todd Central has only two home football games left, and that obviously will curtail the opportunities either for folks to renew their memberships or join the association for the first time.

Saturday, October 4, 2014, is Elkton’s HarvestFest, and the association will again be present on the Square for that event from 9:00 until 3:00. In order to generate more monies for scholarships, the association will be selling to the public candy bars, blow bubbles, colorful masks, polo shirts, silicone bands, and, of course, membership opportunities. Some other smaller items may also be added that day to generate more scholarship monies. Also available at HarvestFest are donations for two afghans. The afghans, ones crocheted and donated by Sue Frederick Neeble, Class of 1969 and a director for the association, will be given away at some point during the next year, and they are ones that will definitely be treasured items and would make excellent gifts for anyone. Tickets for the afghans are $1.00 each or six for $5.00.

Obviously, one other very important goal for the alumni association in its second year is the maintaining and expansion of scholarship opportunities for TC students. The organization welcomes talking with any person, family, business, or group to establish a scholarship either in memory of someone or simply as recognition for some individual, business, or group. Jackie Boyd Weathers, scholarship chair, echoes the sentiments that the association is so very pleased that we were able to award $7500.00 in scholarships last year. She emphasized, “Todd Central has so many very capable students, and the association wants to assist those students as they transition to the ‘real world’ following high school.” Noting that the association offers scholarships for students entering both the academic and technical routes, she also underscored the association wants the ‘word out’ about the scholarships available to this year’s seniors, adding the scholarship applications are available at

Mrs. Weathers also shared, “To generate more scholarship monies, members of the association will be at the L & R Soda Shop each 4th Monday from 5:00 PM until closing.” She extended the association’s appreciation to Kenny and Heather Clayton for their willingness and generosity to donate part of the proceeds of sales each of those nights to the alumni association. She commented, “Everyone loves L & R, and the Claytons’ supporting the alumni association is an added plus for us as we raise monies for scholarships.” Linda Stokes Fritz also echoed her appreciation for the support that has been given to the association by Mrs. Jennifer Pope, new principal of TCCHS. Even though Mrs. Pope has just stepped into her new leadership role, she has embraced the alumni association and made the association feel welcomed at TCCHS. That is indeed heartwarming since the goal of the association is to work as a liaison with Todd Central.

As apparent in its early history, the alumni association is a group of volunteers who are utilizing their talents for the betterment of Todd Central High School along with its students and staff. Please feel free to contact any officer or director of the association if you want to become involved in some activity of the association. Please know we are still in our formative stages, and we are still making plans as we move ahead during our second year. Everyone is also encouraged to become involved and become members either as alumni of TCCHS or as friends of the organization. We definitely realize the many responsibilities folks have in today’s fast-paced world; however, we encourage anyone interested, either alumni or friends of TCCHS, to attend our monthly meetings. Currently we meet the third Thursday evening of each month in the media center at TCCHS. Time for the meetings is 6:00 PM, and typically the meetings last about an hour. Our next meeting is Thursday, September 18, and we welcome newcomers, alumni, and friends to our meeting! We hope to see you there!

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells