TCCHS Alumni Association Continues Its Commitment to TCCHS

As we are all aware, certain dates and numbers stand out in our minds as pivotal ones in our lives. May 17, 2013 saw an initial meeting of three TCCHS alum – those three individuals shared a discussion and vision regarding the formation of an alumni association for Todd Central, and during the next several months an effort began to ‘build’ that organization. Since that first meeting at a reception honoring a TC grad who had just completed her doctorate, monthly meetings of the association have ensued, and July 19, 2016 saw the slate of officers for 2016-2017 formally elected. Obviously, much work has been completed since that chance meeting of three folks in the Fellowship Hall at West Side Church of Christ.

Recognized as officers for the 2016-2017 year include Jeremy Long (Class of 1998) as president, Linda Stokes Fritz (Class of 1966) as vice-president, Joyce Wright Darby (Class of 1972) as treasurer, and Carolyn L. Wells (Class of 1968) as secretary. Other directors include Charlotte Morrow (Class of 1968), Sue Frederick Neeble (Class of 1969), and Ann Henderson Gardner (Class of 1965). Two other non-voting directors include Jennifer Sullivan Pope (TCCHS principal) and Les Broady (TCMS principal). These officers/directors have as their goal the adopted mission statement of the association – “The TCCHS Alumni Association reaches out, connects, and celebrates its alumni and friends, embracing the present while looking to its future to build lifelong relationships and support of Todd County Central High School.”

In recalling the work of the alumni association since its formation, folks will remember that the association has been active in reaching out to members of each class of TCCHS. With the exception of the Classes of 1986, 2000, and 2004, a somewhat complete spreadsheet of graduates has been compiled. Obviously, every person of each class has not been located; however, most of the classes have a strong spreadsheet base for locating members of their classes. Again, folks move constantly, and it is imperative that up-to-date information be provided to key members or officers of each class or to the alumni association via its website; a website address to provide up-to-date contact info is Please know the information provided to the alumni association is maintained in a confidential manner. In recent years members of the Classes of 1965, 1966, and 1968 have met locally on a regular basis to rekindle their high school friendships. Just this past week, members of the Class of 1965 met at L & R Soda Shop for a visit with friends. Two attending included Jo Etta Hampton Woodall of Sherman, Texas, and Myrtle Ann Brooks Mudge of Louisville. Ms. Ann became the first “lifetime” member of the association shortly after an effort was made to solicit either yearly or lifetime members.

This May, like the previous two graduation years, saw students at TCCHS recognized for their scholastic and leadership skills. With the awarding of $9350.00 this past May, the total alumni scholarships funded since the association’s formation tally $25,150.00; that figure, which represents a marked monetary increase each year, has been the result of the generosity of Todd Countians and TCCHS alumni who are committed to returning financially to their alma mater and its graduates. Cathy Wallace Rager, whose son Preston received the Carolyn L. Wells Academic and Leadership Scholarship, messaged, “The honor bestowed upon my son by him being awarded a scholarship by the alumni association made his father and me very proud. We know how hard he worked during his high school years.” The recipient of an academic scholarship to attend Berea University, Preston added, “I am so grateful for the TCCHS alumni scholarship I was awarded. It’s always been my dream to go to college and pursue a higher education in the medical field, and this scholarship will help me achieve this lofty goal.” Obviously, for folks who are interested in funding a scholarship, the association welcomes additional opportunities for graduates to receive assistance in their post-secondary goals, whether those goals are at the collegiate or technical school level.

Other activities the association has been active with since its formation include the sponsoring of TCCHS’s 50-Year Celebration, the past two years’ “TCCHS Showcases,” the sale of digitized copies of TCCHS yearbooks, and the sale of bricks and mugs honoring the former Elkton/Todd County High School and the feeder schools to TCCHS. Sale of polo shirts and silicone bands has also increased the monies available for the scholarships offered by the association. Jeremy Long, president, messaged, “The TCCHS Alumni Association is so very thankful for the support we have received since 2013. We encourage everyone to become involved with the work of the association, and we would love to have you join us at our monthly meetings.” Those meetings, the third Tuesday of each month excluding December, are at 4:00 PM in the media center at TCCHS.

Yes, the TCCHS Alumni Association, whose motto is “Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future,” is indeed committed to assisting TCCHS graduates along with the students and staff of TCCHS with providing a strong presence in our community. It is because of the love that so many graduates have for TCCHS that they are reconnecting to each other and to their ‘home away from home’ that became a part of their lives for four years. Again, the officers of the association encourage you to stop by and chat when you see members of the association at TCCHS or community events. Alumni association memberships, either $10.00 yearly or $200.00 lifetime, can be mailed to the association at P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220.

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells

August 3, 2016