Mullings – Todd County Presents “A ‘Something Special’ Showcase”

AsterisksCirclesStarsHandwritten NotesCalendar Scribbles – Utilizing whatever means you use to serve as personal reminders, mark the dates of April 22, 23, and 24, 2016 for this year’s “TC Showcase.” As some folks are very aware, the late Sharon Patterson Shemwell devoted many hours and much talent to last year’s event, and because of her dedication to making last year’s “Showcase” such a memorable one, the organizers of this year’s production have decided the beloved TCCHS musical production of 2016 will honor Sharon. Darlene Groves, one of last year’s directors and a very close friend of Sharon who is again serving as the director for this year’s production, messaged, “Whatever I needed accomplished last year, Sharon immediately volunteered her assistance, whether that assistance was with props, set design, costumes, food for the cast, moral support, or production decisions.”

In personal conversations with Sharon last year, I recall Sharon remarking that the “Showcase” was “something special” and so very important to many students of our community. Sharon added that all students are not geared toward the sports’ arenas, and the “Showcase” allowed students who oftentimes are not publicly active to have an avenue to ‘showcase’ their many talents. Sharon’s remarks definitely hold value since students and folks from all four schools and the community used their talents – musical, dance, theatrical, artistic, organizational, and costume – to bring about one of the most memorable musical productions in recent years. This year’s event, named “A ‘Something Special’ Showcase” to honor Sharon, will feature the music and movies of the silver screen, and the compilation of songs, dance, and theatre will span the 1900’s along with modern day.

As true of last year’s three-day event, Saturday evening will see the public offered a meal prior to the Saturday night’s performance. Obviously, all of the details and the cost for the meal have not been finalized; however, those who recall last year’s dinner of grilled chicken, sides, and desserts will attest to the quality of the meal along with the beautifully decorated cafeteria setting serving as the backdrop for the evening. Friday and Saturday night’s performances will begin at 7:00 PM, and the public will again be provided an opportunity to experience a Sunday matinee at 2:00 PM on April 24. Tickets for the three performances are $5.00 each, and those will soon be available for sale. Reserved tickets for the dinner prior to the Saturday night performance will be available soon through Becky Wofford Lanier, secretary at TCCHS.

Emphasizing the production provides students peer awareness, Amaya Leavell, a sophomore, emailed, ‘TCCHS Showcase’ is very important to me, as well as the student body, because it presents talent that you can be totally unaware exists.” She also stressed that the production provides cast members another level of confidence, noting the cast and directors really bring that quality out of you. The TCCHS Alumni Association is again co-sponsoring the “Showcase,” and this year’s event will also see Calvin Warren and the TCCHS Music Department and David Carmichael, TCMS music director, providing their expertise in the production.

Others who will be assisting Mrs. Groves with this year’s production include Vivian Templeman (Class of 1978), Judy Anderson Donnelly (Class of 1968), Leslie Rager (Class of 1984), Brittany Prather (Class of 1991), Lisa Chester (Class of 1986), Susan McGhee (Class of 1976), Brenda Standard (Class of 1976), Jeremy Long (Class of 1998), and Carolyn Wells (Class of 1968). Also offering their talents and expertise are Lee Ann McCuiston, 4-H agent; and Halie Sawyers, a TCCHS senior who is known throughout the area as an extraordinary musical and dance talent. Mr. Warren, a graduate of Murray State who is in his eighth year at TCCHS, emailed, “The ‘Showcase’ is extremely important to our school and student body. It is a culmination of the students’ efforts put forth in their respective art forms. Whether it is drama, instrumental music, artistic expression, or song, the students cling to the performances of the ‘Showcase’ and are already practicing to make this year’s production as memorable as that of last year!”

If you enjoyed one or several of the performances last year, please be sure to share with those you know the dates for this year’s event. If you were unable to see one of the performances last year or failed to attend, please plan in advance and make certain one or several of those dates – April 22, 23, or 24 – are on your calendar! I know you will not be disappointed, and I am confident that Sharon Shemwell would be enthralled to know you will be present to enjoy “A ‘Something Special’ Showcase” honoring her; I also assure you it will be “something special” spotlighting the innumerable talents of those a part of our community!

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells

March 14, 2016