TCCHS Alumni Association Newsletter – December 2020

Below you will find the December 2020 issue of our TCCHS Alumni Association Newsletter.  Please realize the pandemic has curtailed some of our efforts with the alumni association; however, we are moving forward with our scholarship efforts for the TCCHS Class of 2021. Materials will be sent out to those seniors in the next few weeks. We also take this opportunity to encourage you to consider becoming a member of the association, and we ask you also ‘like’ our Facebook page – a link to our Facebook page is  We want to thank you for your past support, and we hope you will continue to help us in our efforts to generate monies for the scholarships we provide for the graduates of TCCHS. Please note we had to compress the file in order to post it online, so we lost some of its quality. We do hope you enjoy reading it! Past newsletters are also provided below this year’s. Enjoy!

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Mullings – TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarship Winners – 2020

Mullings – “TCCHS Alumni Association Recognizes 2020 TCCHS Seniors with $17,500 in Locally Generated Scholarships”

$17,500 out of $83,900! That is indeed quite an admirable amount of scholarship funds for any high school! As we all so fully realize, the TCCHS Class of 2020, one that endured the 2020 pandemic, has withstood a year that will probably remain one of the most ‘remembered’ graduating classes in the soon-to-be 60-year existence of TCCHS. Thankfully, to ease the heartbreak of so many negatives that occurred this past school year, a very reassuring memory that will also hopefully become a treasured one is the awarding of $17,500 in locally generated scholarships, a new high funding total for the TCCHS Alumni Association. Highlighting it is so uplifting a class that has missed out on so many traditions during their senior year can still have positive memories, Linda Stokes Fritz, vice-president of the association, shared, “The TCCHS Alumni Association is so very pleased we have been able to continue our funding for scholarships, recognizing seniors who excel both academically and in leadership qualities.” She also expressed gratitude to the sponsors, those both locally and from out-of-state, who have so generously supplied monies for each of the 19 scholarships awarded this year. She also added, “The figure of $17,500 represents an increase slightly past doubled from the $7500 first provided to five seniors of the TCCHS Class of 2014.”

As most of us are sure to admit, we would be ecstatic to receive a check in the amount of $500, $750, $1000, or $2000, and the 13 students who received 19 scholarships at graduation were provided with scholarships in those dollar amounts. Sadly, as well as true of past years, several students who applied for the scholarships did not have all information required, and those seniors were not eligible for the scholarships because of missing essays, required GPA’s, missing letters of recommendation, and/or missing signatures. Since no one received the TCCHS Business and/or Accounting Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00 last year and since several students applied for that scholarship this year, the anonymous sponsors of that scholarship provided two $1000 scholarships this year, stating they will revert back next year to the one scholarship in the amount of $1000. The winners of the two business and/or accounting scholarships this year are Lindsey Nichols and Austin Rager, two seniors who will pursue degrees in accounting at the college level.

Two new scholarships were also offered this year, each one in the amount of $500. The Bruce and Linda Marklin Academic or Technical Scholarship was established by Bruce and Linda Marklin. As most are aware, Ms. Linda is the owner of Marklin Insurance in both Elkton and Adairville, and her husband Bruce, a veteran as well as a retired police chief and recipient of a recent kidney transplant, reached out to the association last year and offered to establish a scholarship geared for either the academic or technical areas. The first winner of this Marklin scholarship is Sarah Glover. In similar fashion, the TCCHS Class of 1999 held their 30-year reunion this past summer, and instead of ‘keeping extra monies’ left over from their reunion, they reached out to the alumni association and requested establishing The TCCHS Class of 1999 Academic or Technical Scholarship for this past school year, also in the amount of $500. The first winner of this award, one recognizing excellence in education as well, is Jeri Ann Lear.

Two other students who received scholarships this past Friday at graduation include Willem Azzinnaro and Margaret Gillum, two new alumni who received the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Academic and Technical Scholarships in the amount of $2000 each. The Everetts, both well-known educators and a former preacher with Todd County ties, believed strongly in education and provided to the alumni association prior to Mrs. Rowena Everett’s death the monies necessary to fund these two scholarships for several years. As many recall, the Everetts, with a campus building named in their honor, were instrumental in the success of Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky.

Sarah Glover and Elyse Wood are recognized as the recipients of the TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships in the amount of $750 each. These two scholarships, which are made possible through the on-going fundraising efforts of the association, require the directors and other supporters to ‘make the money’ for these two scholarships. “Making the money” entails the officers and directors ‘peddle’ their wares including the sale of the TCCHS and the former Todd County/Elkton High School prints, school mugs and cards from the feeder schools that consolidated into TCCHS, bricks from the former Todd County Middle School and Todd County/Elkton High School, silicone bands, and alumni association memberships, both those for yearly memberships of $10 along with lifetime memberships of $200. New items added this year are silicone phone wallets with these items being donated by an officer of the association. The association’s fundraising efforts have seen members at several public events and at TCCHS ballgames since its formation in May 2013; obviously their efforts this year have been curtailed like so many other events. Monthly reminders in the past also have been emailed to those who have yearly memberships with some who join yearly ‘chipping in’ additional monies for the scholarship effort.

Sponsored by the family and friends of the late Jeffery Wayne Farmer, the Jeffery Wayne Farmer Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 has been awarded to Sarah Glover. In talking with Carolyn Farmer, Jeff’s mother and a beloved Todd Countian, Carolyn emphasized her family and Jeff’s many friends are so pleased to be able to assist a new graduate as he or she heads off to pursue other educational goals. This year Jeff’s son, Dalton Avery Farmer, also graduated from his high school in Missouri; however, the Farmers insisted they wanted to continue the tradition of the scholarship to honor Jeff and also to honor their grandson. Since 2014, the family of the late Gary Strader, a young man killed shortly after graduation in a farming accident, has provided the Gary Strader Memorial Agriculture Scholarship in the amount of $500. The past two years, however, Gary’s wife, Sandy Carver, and her husband Bob Carver have provided the scholarship in memory of Sandy’s late husband. This year the recipient of Gary’s memorial scholarship is Leah Gill. The daughter, also a retired educator, of the late Alton Greenfield, Mrs. Ruth Greenfield Elliott of Hopkinsville has provided for the past three years the Alton Greenfield Memorial Academic Scholarship in the amount of $500. This year’s recipient of that award, one honoring a well-known and well-respected educator in Todd County, is Whitney Higgins.

Linda Stokes Fritz, a sister to the late Howard Ray Stokes and a retired educator, and Dolly Stokes Rawlins, mother of the late Howard Ray Stokes, provided the Howard Ray Stokes Memorial Academic Scholarship in the amount of $500. This year’s recipient of that scholarship, one honoring a deceased member of the TCCHS Class of 1973, is Laurie Knuckles. Several years ago a resident of Todd County reached out to the alumni association and stated his/her family’s desire to sponsor anonymously the TCCHS Alumni Association Memorial Academic or Technical Scholarships in memory of a deceased graduate of TCCHS. The family reached out again in recent years with their desires to double their previous $1000 scholarships to $2000 each. The recipients of those two scholarships for 2020 in the amount of $2000 each are Ellee Shemwell and Jordan Weathers.

The Sharon Patterson Shemwell Memorial Scholarship, in the memory of the late Sharon Shemwell and in the amount of $500, is awarded to Ellee Shemwell, Sharon’s granddaughter and a young lady who epitomizes the late Sharon Shemwell. In describing the recipient, Mrs. Darlene Groves, sponsor of the scholarship and owner of “Something Special,” added that Ellee is one who embodies all that Sharon is remembered for – her eagerness to work, her academic and leadership excellence, her charisma, and her willingness to go above and beyond anyone’s expectations. The Shemwell scholarship is one funded by the efforts of Darlene through donations and the sale of the “Sharon’s Sweet Tea” candle and several other local specialty candles. Another contributor to the Shemwell scholarship this year also shared that Ellee always greets others with a cheerful smile and a heartfelt welcome, two trademarks of the late Sharon Shemwell, a member of the TCCHS Class of 1968.

Mrs. Lana Kim White Austin, a former Todd Countian and a well-known published author, educator, and the adopted daughter of two former Todd County educators, asked to honor Carolyn Wells, her former honors and AP English teacher, with the establishment of the Carolyn Wells Writing Scholarship. The second sponsor of the scholarship this year, Mrs. Annette Hadden Valentine, is also a published author, a former interior designer and educator, and the granddaughter of a well-known Todd Countian, the late Joseph Newton Hadden. Mrs. Valentine is one who also believes strongly in education. She and Lana Kim both debut novels later this year, and both writers stressed they wanted to give back to a community they both love. Mrs. Valentine, whose second novel “Down to the Potter’s House” will be available November 3 and is already available for preorder on her website, expressed her love for supporting writing, adding that at the age of 11 she had made a promise to herself to write a novel. The third winner of the Carolyn Wells Writing Scholarship is Ellee Shemwell.

The Carolyn L. Wells Academic and Leadership Scholarships, created and sponsored by a 34-year veteran of the English Department at TCCHS, saw changes last year with the scholarship amount increased to $1000 along with two being provided rather than one. These two scholarships, each in the amount of $1000, place emphasis on a senior who displays both academic excellence along with strong leadership skills, two trademark requirements of the retired educator. The recipients of this year’s academic/leadership scholarships are Ellee Shemwell and Austin Rager, two seniors who exemplify those positive qualities. Also returning to the group of scholarships offered to seniors this year is the Oliver Archery Scholarship in the amount of $1000. This scholarship, one honoring Boogie Oliver and sponsored in honor of Boogie’s many contributions to the Guthrie MainStreet Program, is funded by the MainStreet Program and other contributors to acknowledge Boogie’s years of support of Guthrie. The winner of this award, a student who participated faithfully in archery for several years, is Brooke Knight.

Emphasizing the alumni scholarships are geared toward both the technical area as well as the academic area, Jeremy Long, president of the TCCHS Alumni Association and a 1998 graduate of TCCHS, messaged, “The TCCHS Alumni Association is so very honored to be able to provide $17,500 in scholarships to TC graduates. The association realizes education is an expensive endeavor, and we are so thankful we can provide a monetary boost to ease that burden as graduates look to their futures.” Directors of the association also express their gratitude to the Todd County School District and to Rachel Westerman, TCCHS Career Counselor, who have been very supportive of the goals and efforts of the association. Charlotte Morrow, one of the directors of the association, encourages people in the community or former Todd Countians to contact association members if someone has a desire to contribute to our scholarship efforts, wants to establish a scholarship, or desires to assist with the work of the organization. As mentioned, we have to ‘make our money’ yearly, and if you happen to see alumni members and directors at TCCHS ballgames or out in the community, we ask you stop by and chat with us, obviously now observing social distancing. As always, we will work with those who reach out to us so we can further carry out our motto of “celebrating our past, present, and future.”

~ Article by Carolyn L. Wells

May 26, 2020

TCCHS Class of 1967 50th-Year Reunion Info

The TCCHS Class of 1967’s 50th-Year Class Reunion is September 2, 2017. It will be at the Christian Life Center at Elkton Baptist Church, 6:00 P.M. For questions, call Jane Slack Martin 931-249-9586 or Carol Hall Gray 270-466-3308.

TCCHS Class of 1967 Organizational Meeting

I was asked to share that an organizational meeting for the TCCHS Class of 1967 will be held on Thursday, February 9, 2017, at 4:30 PM at the Christian Life Center at Elkton Baptist Church. Please share this info with as many folks as possible. If you have questions, please contact Carol Gray at 270-466-3308.

TCCHS Alumni Scholarships for 2017 TCCHS Graduates

Below are the scholarships offered to the Class of 2017 by the TCCHS Alumni Association. Please note that a form is being used this year to make applying for the scholarships easier. (This form is posted online as well.) Students who apply need to make certain that all requirements are met for the scholarships they are interested in being considered for by the alumni scholarship committee. The scholarships can be found following this link —

  • 2017 Alton Greenfield Memorial Academic Scholarship
  • Gary Strader Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
  • Howard Ray Stokes Memorial Academic Scholarship
  • 2017 Jeffery Wayne Farmer Memorial Scholarship
  • 2017 Todd County Central High School Alumni Association Memorial Academic or Technical Scholarship
  • 2017 Todd County Central High School Alumni Association Scholarship
  • 2017 Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Scholarship

The Carolyn L. Wells Academic and Leadership Scholarship will be selected from the entries for the other scholarships or from a student selected by Ms. Carolyn L. Wells who exhibits academic and leadership excellence.

TCCHS Class of 1967 Plans 50th Year Reunion

The TCCHS Class of 1967 will be celebrating its 50th Year Reunion on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Plans are to gather at 5:00 PM prior to enjoying a catered meal at 6:00 PM. (The meal will be catered out of Clarksville.) The event will be hosted at the Christian Life Center (CLC) at Elkton Baptist Church in Elkton. If you have questions about the event, please contact Ms. Carol Gray at 270.466.3308 or at Additional information will be provided when more details are finalized.

Alumni Association Afghan Giveaway Scheduled for February 14, 2017

If you are interested in winning a colorful crocheted afghan, you will be able to see the afghan on display at Elkton City Hall for several weeks prior to the afghan being on display in Guthrie and Trenton City Halls until its giveaway on February 14, 2017. The afghan, donated to the TCCHS Alumni Association by Sue Frederick Neeble, will make a perfect gift for any occasion. Proceeds from the sale of the afghan are earmarked for the scholarship fund of the association. A donation of $1.00 is appreciated. Please be sure to tell others about this afghan giveaway!TCCHS Alumni Association Afghan Flyer ... June 22, 2016-page-0

TCCHS Alumni Association Continues Its Commitment to TCCHS

As we are all aware, certain dates and numbers stand out in our minds as pivotal ones in our lives. May 17, 2013 saw an initial meeting of three TCCHS alum – those three individuals shared a discussion and vision regarding the formation of an alumni association for Todd Central, and during the next several months an effort began to ‘build’ that organization. Since that first meeting at a reception honoring a TC grad who had just completed her doctorate, monthly meetings of the association have ensued, and July 19, 2016 saw the slate of officers for 2016-2017 formally elected. Obviously, much work has been completed since that chance meeting of three folks in the Fellowship Hall at West Side Church of Christ.

Recognized as officers for the 2016-2017 year include Jeremy Long (Class of 1998) as president, Linda Stokes Fritz (Class of 1966) as vice-president, Joyce Wright Darby (Class of 1972) as treasurer, and Carolyn L. Wells (Class of 1968) as secretary. Other directors include Charlotte Morrow (Class of 1968), Sue Frederick Neeble (Class of 1969), and Ann Henderson Gardner (Class of 1965). Two other non-voting directors include Jennifer Sullivan Pope (TCCHS principal) and Les Broady (TCMS principal). These officers/directors have as their goal the adopted mission statement of the association – “The TCCHS Alumni Association reaches out, connects, and celebrates its alumni and friends, embracing the present while looking to its future to build lifelong relationships and support of Todd County Central High School.”

In recalling the work of the alumni association since its formation, folks will remember that the association has been active in reaching out to members of each class of TCCHS. With the exception of the Classes of 1986, 2000, and 2004, a somewhat complete spreadsheet of graduates has been compiled. Obviously, every person of each class has not been located; however, most of the classes have a strong spreadsheet base for locating members of their classes. Again, folks move constantly, and it is imperative that up-to-date information be provided to key members or officers of each class or to the alumni association via its website; a website address to provide up-to-date contact info is Please know the information provided to the alumni association is maintained in a confidential manner. In recent years members of the Classes of 1965, 1966, and 1968 have met locally on a regular basis to rekindle their high school friendships. Just this past week, members of the Class of 1965 met at L & R Soda Shop for a visit with friends. Two attending included Jo Etta Hampton Woodall of Sherman, Texas, and Myrtle Ann Brooks Mudge of Louisville. Ms. Ann became the first “lifetime” member of the association shortly after an effort was made to solicit either yearly or lifetime members.

This May, like the previous two graduation years, saw students at TCCHS recognized for their scholastic and leadership skills. With the awarding of $9350.00 this past May, the total alumni scholarships funded since the association’s formation tally $25,150.00; that figure, which represents a marked monetary increase each year, has been the result of the generosity of Todd Countians and TCCHS alumni who are committed to returning financially to their alma mater and its graduates. Cathy Wallace Rager, whose son Preston received the Carolyn L. Wells Academic and Leadership Scholarship, messaged, “The honor bestowed upon my son by him being awarded a scholarship by the alumni association made his father and me very proud. We know how hard he worked during his high school years.” The recipient of an academic scholarship to attend Berea University, Preston added, “I am so grateful for the TCCHS alumni scholarship I was awarded. It’s always been my dream to go to college and pursue a higher education in the medical field, and this scholarship will help me achieve this lofty goal.” Obviously, for folks who are interested in funding a scholarship, the association welcomes additional opportunities for graduates to receive assistance in their post-secondary goals, whether those goals are at the collegiate or technical school level.

Other activities the association has been active with since its formation include the sponsoring of TCCHS’s 50-Year Celebration, the past two years’ “TCCHS Showcases,” the sale of digitized copies of TCCHS yearbooks, and the sale of bricks and mugs honoring the former Elkton/Todd County High School and the feeder schools to TCCHS. Sale of polo shirts and silicone bands has also increased the monies available for the scholarships offered by the association. Jeremy Long, president, messaged, “The TCCHS Alumni Association is so very thankful for the support we have received since 2013. We encourage everyone to become involved with the work of the association, and we would love to have you join us at our monthly meetings.” Those meetings, the third Tuesday of each month excluding December, are at 4:00 PM in the media center at TCCHS.

Yes, the TCCHS Alumni Association, whose motto is “Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future,” is indeed committed to assisting TCCHS graduates along with the students and staff of TCCHS with providing a strong presence in our community. It is because of the love that so many graduates have for TCCHS that they are reconnecting to each other and to their ‘home away from home’ that became a part of their lives for four years. Again, the officers of the association encourage you to stop by and chat when you see members of the association at TCCHS or community events. Alumni association memberships, either $10.00 yearly or $200.00 lifetime, can be mailed to the association at P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220.

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells

August 3, 2016




For Immediate Release

Fred Harper emailed and asked that I share this information with interested alumni and other folks. Two forms are attached at the end of the Press Release.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Mr. Fred Harper


Todd County High Schools’ Hall of Fame plan

presented to Todd County Board of Education

Elkton, Kentucky – May 9, 2016

Todd County High Schools’ Hall of Fame is scheduled to become a reality during the coming school year, planners told the Todd County Board of Education Monday.

Mr. Fred Harper, chairman of a committee developing the Hall of Fame, told Board of Education members that the committee had agreed unanimously on several key items. First, the Hall of Fame will honor graduates not only of Todd County Central High School, but also of all the county high schools that operated before the 1963 consolidation into Todd Central.

Second, Harper said the committee was also unanimous in its decision to make the Hall of Fame for academic and other achievement, as well as athletic achievement. The committee was charged by school district officials last year as an autonomous panel to develop the Hall of Fame. The committee is made up of former Todd County students and community members.

Harper, a Todd Central alumnus and former head coach and principal, told school board members that the Hall’s charter states:

“The Todd County High Schools’ Hall of Fame has been established to recognize alumni and staff of the Todd County High Schools who have made significant achievements in their chosen fields or professional services and made noteworthy contributions to society on a local, national or international level. The recognition of alumni who have become outstanding citizens will provide current students with positive role models in their own lives.”

The committee is seeking nominees for the first group to be inducted into the Hall at a banquet to be scheduled during the coming school year. Anyone can nominate an individual for the Hall. Nomination forms, as well as more information about the Hall, can be obtained by contacting Fred Harper at or by calling him at 270-265-3687.

Attached below are two additional PDF forms that you may need to nominate someone.

Information sheet – Hall of Fame[3]

Todd County High Schools’ Hall of Fame Nomination Form[3]

Trenton School Homecoming Scheduled for June 24, 2016

The Board of Directors for the Trenton Community Center is scheduling a Trenton School Homecoming for June 24, 2016. Trenton is the only remaining original school in the county, and the Board of Directors for the Trenton Community Center are working hard to maintain it for everyone in the area. The gym and cafeteria are available for event rentals. The auditorium, which is on the second floor, is not handicapped accessible at this time, but it can also be used. New lighting has been installed in the main building, and restroom renovations have been made. The center’s website is, and their Facebook page is listed as Trenton Event Center. Please share this info with as many folks as possible. The Board of Directors for the Trenton Community Center expresses their thanks for any assistance that can be provided.

Trenton School Homecoming-page-0 Trenton School Homecoming-page-1

Mullings – Todd County Presents “A ‘Something Special’ Showcase”

AsterisksCirclesStarsHandwritten NotesCalendar Scribbles – Utilizing whatever means you use to serve as personal reminders, mark the dates of April 22, 23, and 24, 2016 for this year’s “TC Showcase.” As some folks are very aware, the late Sharon Patterson Shemwell devoted many hours and much talent to last year’s event, and because of her dedication to making last year’s “Showcase” such a memorable one, the organizers of this year’s production have decided the beloved TCCHS musical production of 2016 will honor Sharon. Darlene Groves, one of last year’s directors and a very close friend of Sharon who is again serving as the director for this year’s production, messaged, “Whatever I needed accomplished last year, Sharon immediately volunteered her assistance, whether that assistance was with props, set design, costumes, food for the cast, moral support, or production decisions.”

In personal conversations with Sharon last year, I recall Sharon remarking that the “Showcase” was “something special” and so very important to many students of our community. Sharon added that all students are not geared toward the sports’ arenas, and the “Showcase” allowed students who oftentimes are not publicly active to have an avenue to ‘showcase’ their many talents. Sharon’s remarks definitely hold value since students and folks from all four schools and the community used their talents – musical, dance, theatrical, artistic, organizational, and costume – to bring about one of the most memorable musical productions in recent years. This year’s event, named “A ‘Something Special’ Showcase” to honor Sharon, will feature the music and movies of the silver screen, and the compilation of songs, dance, and theatre will span the 1900’s along with modern day.

As true of last year’s three-day event, Saturday evening will see the public offered a meal prior to the Saturday night’s performance. Obviously, all of the details and the cost for the meal have not been finalized; however, those who recall last year’s dinner of grilled chicken, sides, and desserts will attest to the quality of the meal along with the beautifully decorated cafeteria setting serving as the backdrop for the evening. Friday and Saturday night’s performances will begin at 7:00 PM, and the public will again be provided an opportunity to experience a Sunday matinee at 2:00 PM on April 24. Tickets for the three performances are $5.00 each, and those will soon be available for sale. Reserved tickets for the dinner prior to the Saturday night performance will be available soon through Becky Wofford Lanier, secretary at TCCHS.

Emphasizing the production provides students peer awareness, Amaya Leavell, a sophomore, emailed, ‘TCCHS Showcase’ is very important to me, as well as the student body, because it presents talent that you can be totally unaware exists.” She also stressed that the production provides cast members another level of confidence, noting the cast and directors really bring that quality out of you. The TCCHS Alumni Association is again co-sponsoring the “Showcase,” and this year’s event will also see Calvin Warren and the TCCHS Music Department and David Carmichael, TCMS music director, providing their expertise in the production.

Others who will be assisting Mrs. Groves with this year’s production include Vivian Templeman (Class of 1978), Judy Anderson Donnelly (Class of 1968), Leslie Rager (Class of 1984), Brittany Prather (Class of 1991), Lisa Chester (Class of 1986), Susan McGhee (Class of 1976), Brenda Standard (Class of 1976), Jeremy Long (Class of 1998), and Carolyn Wells (Class of 1968). Also offering their talents and expertise are Lee Ann McCuiston, 4-H agent; and Halie Sawyers, a TCCHS senior who is known throughout the area as an extraordinary musical and dance talent. Mr. Warren, a graduate of Murray State who is in his eighth year at TCCHS, emailed, “The ‘Showcase’ is extremely important to our school and student body. It is a culmination of the students’ efforts put forth in their respective art forms. Whether it is drama, instrumental music, artistic expression, or song, the students cling to the performances of the ‘Showcase’ and are already practicing to make this year’s production as memorable as that of last year!”

If you enjoyed one or several of the performances last year, please be sure to share with those you know the dates for this year’s event. If you were unable to see one of the performances last year or failed to attend, please plan in advance and make certain one or several of those dates – April 22, 23, or 24 – are on your calendar! I know you will not be disappointed, and I am confident that Sharon Shemwell would be enthralled to know you will be present to enjoy “A ‘Something Special’ Showcase” honoring her; I also assure you it will be “something special” spotlighting the innumerable talents of those a part of our community!

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells

March 14, 2016



TCCHS Alumni Association Launches Brick and Mug Sales

Originally constructed around 1938 through efforts of the Works Progress Administration and bearing the words “Todd County High School 1938” above the entrance to the former building, one of the five predecessors of Todd County Central High School educated the students of Todd County from its opening in the late 1930’s until its closure in 1996 with the renovation of the current Todd County Middle School. For those familiar with the history of Todd County Central, you will recall the high schools within the county consolidated in the fall of 1963 with the opening of TCCHS. That merging of high schools, Clifty Consolidated, Trenton High, Guthrie High, Todd Training, and Todd (Elkton) High, also led to integration within the county school system, thus attempting to end to a large degree at the local school level the segregation that was so familiar to our nation.

For those familiar with the history of schools in Todd County, you may recall that for many years an “Elkton High School” sat proudly on Washington Street. Later that building housed a chicken hatchery, and it also remains in folks’ memories as an apartment complex, one described by Gary Violette as giving Elkton a “progressive, urban quality in the late 1880’s.” Violette, a well-known Todd Countian and an architect who worked on renovations of the old 1938 school building, messaged this information regarding the ‘Todd County’ High School so many know. He clarified, “The original building was designed as ‘Elkton High School,’ but the name ‘Todd County High School’ was adopted to reflect its being part of the Todd County School System. This also differentiated it from the former ‘Elkton High School’ that was located on Washington Street.” Noting that ‘Todd County High School’ was its official name, Gary added the 1938 building was usually referred to as ‘Elkton High School’ or ‘EHS.’ Again, for those knowledgeable about the old school, you will recall the school’s mascot was the ‘Elks,’ with ‘Elkton Elks’ and ‘EtHoS’ usually associated with its name and yearbooks.

In recent weeks, the Todd County School District gave the TCCHS Alumni Association clay bricks that remain from the original school structure of 1938. Those bricks, which are an approximate 8 3/8 inches by 2 ¾ inches by 4 inches, will be sold as a fundraising project for the alumni association. Monies generated from this project will assist the association with its scholarship efforts. Folks familiar with the history of the former high school will recall that bricks were sold years ago as another fundraiser. The alumni association’s effort will utilize a 1995 photo of the former school serving as the dominant image on the plaques that will adorn the clay bricks. Jeremy Long, president of the TCCHS Alumni Association and head custodian at Todd County Middle School, commented, “The alumni association is ecstatic that we can offer to the public the newly completed bricks that can serve for generations as mementos of former years at the old school, of former memories of ‘high school’ days, or perhaps even as mementos of Todd County as well.”

Charlotte Murray Myers, a 1967 TCCHS graduate who completed some of the plaques for the original brick project of years ago, will again hone her artistic skills and complete the plaques that will be attached to each brick. The association also expresses thanks to Mrs. Linda Harris Bradham of Wooster, Ohio; Ms. Linda, TCCHS Class of 1965, had a 1995 photo of Todd County (Elkton) High School that was taken just prior to its demolition; that photo served as the photograph for the brick project completed years ago, and it is the photo that Ms. Charlotte is now using for the new brick fundraiser project. Linda Stokes Fritz, alumni association vice-president, messaged, “This brick project delivers a nostalgic history enriched with fond memories of the good ‘old school days.’ The bricks sold as a fundraiser continue the life of the school that once stood so elegantly on the west side of the Square, performing for many decades the job it was constructed to accomplish – educating Todd County students.”

Ann Henderson Gardner, Class of 1965 and a director for the alumni association, reflected, “The bricks serve as memories representing the history of long-lasting friendships.” Adding the bricks also represent the teachers and principals we respected and the activities we participated in, she stressed they are a part of our history and are priceless to many of us. She also emphasized, “It was a very sad time when the building we spent so much of our lives in had to be torn down. Progress is understandably necessary, but it is still sad to many of us.”  Marlene Hurt Herrell, who attended the former high school on West Main Street, echoed the sentiments of so many, “The bricks are indeed great memories of times past.”

The alumni association will be selling the recently donated bricks, with the attached photo plaque of the former high school, at a cost of $25.00. The association will also be offering glass coffee mugs, which will feature the 1995 color photo or a 1939 black and white photo, for a cost of $10.00. For those who are out of town, the association will gladly mail the bricks or the mugs at an additional cost. For a cost of $12.65, one to four bricks or two to four mugs can be mailed in one box. Cost for mailing one mug will vary in the neighborhood of $6.00 to $7.00 depending upon location for the shipment. Quantities of the bricks and mugs are limited, so the association encourages everyone to purchase the bricks and mugs as soon as possible.

Carolyn Wells, secretary of the association, stresses, “The monies made from the brick and mug project will allow the ‘old high school’ to assist a new generation of students who will soon exit the current high school that replaced the former one so familiar to folks in our community. It is so very fitting the bricks and structure that served as an earlier foundation for a secondary education can continue that legacy into the 21st Century.” A brick and mug will soon be on display at “Something Special” in Elkton and will be available there for sale after Christmas. To place an order now in time for the holidays, you can contact Carolyn L. Wells at, at 270-265-7448, or via Facebook to place an order.  If you live out of town and want to order and have your order mailed to you, please mail a check for the amount of your purchase and provide information about the item(s) you want. Checks can be mailed and made out to TCCHS Alumni Association, P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220. We are very confident these treasured items will last a lifetime and make excellent gifts for all occasions.

~Carolyn L. Wells

November 20, 2015

Alumni Association Announces New Officers for 2015-2016

The TCCHS Alumni Association’s officers and directors elected at the July 21, 2015 meeting to begin their terms effective August 1, 2015 will be Jeremy Long (president), Linda Stokes Fritz (vice-president), Carolyn Wells (secretary), and Joyce Wright Darby (treasurer). Directors-at-large will include Ann Henderson Gardner, Charlotte Morrow, and Sue Frederick Neeble. Non-voting directors-at-large include TCCHS principal, Mrs. Jennifer Sullivan Pope, and Les Broady, the new TCMS principal.

We appreciate these TC graduates and friends who are willing to serve the association. If you would like to be considered for a position for the 2016-2017 term of officers, please let us know! We also encourage you to attend any of our meetings! We are currently meeting the third Tuesday of each month (January through November) at 4:00 PM in the media center at TCCHS! Visitors are always welcome!

TCCHS Alumni Association Address

The officers of the TCCHS Alumni Association decided just recently that we needed to secure a permanent mailing address for the alumni association. The new address for the TCCHS Alumni Association is P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220.  Again, we appreciate the support we have received since we began this journey in May 2013!

Request for Assistance for Foster Care Review Board

The president of the TCCHS Alumni Association was sent this request yesterday. We told Ms. Bragg we would post info about the request online. Ms. Bragg’s request is below.

I am recruiting some volunteers for the Todd County Citizen’s Foster Care Review Board. Our mission is to ensure safe, permanent, timely placement of Kentucky children in out of home care. This is done through reviewing cases and providing recommendations to the judge and Department for Community Based Services. I have included the registration packet as an attachment. There is a training in Bowling Green on June 30th that would be a great opportunity to be trained. We do reimburse for travel expenses. In addition, a few forms mention there is a cost to submit them. The state normally charges for those, but since we work with volunteers they waive those fees for us.

We are starting the interested party review process in Todd County. For that reason we do not have a set schedule yet. I anticipate that in Todd County we will meet every other month. We will have a set day each time we met (ex: first Wednesday, fourth Tuesday). Please contact me at 270-746-7168 or<> if you, or anyone with your group, is interested in volunteering or has any questions! Also, if you know of any other agencies or groups I could contact in Todd County, that would be of great help! You can also find more information on our website:

Best regards,
Amanda Bragg
Family Services Field Coordinator | Family and Juvenile Services |
Administrative Office of the Courts Warren County Justice Center |
1001 Center Street, Suite 108 | Bowling Green, Kentucky 42104<> |
270.746.7168 | (f) 270.746.7170

TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships … 2015

May 17, 2013 – the TCCHS Alumni Association had its beginnings at a chance meeting of three alumni at West Side Church of Christ. May 17, 2014 – the TCCHS Alumni Association hosted the “50th Year Celebration” honoring the first 50 years of TCCHS’s history. May 30, 2014 – the TCCHS Alumni Association honored five 2014 seniors with the first TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships totaling $7500.00. May 15, 16, and 17, 2015 – the TCCHS Alumni Association co-sponsored the “TC Showcase – Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future.” May 29, 2015 – the TCCHS Alumni Association presented $8300.00 in scholarships to eight members of the Class of 2015. Those dates, those memorable events, and those scholarship monies certainly attest to the efforts exerted by the officers, members, and friends of the TCCHS Alumni Association. Linda Stokes Fritz, president, messaged, “The association is so very grateful for all of the support that it has been provided since its formation three years ago. We are also so very honored that we are able to ‘give back’ to our alma mater in so many ways, especially in our being able to provide scholarships to worthy students.”

Dr. Bill Weathers, TCCHS Class of 1965 and husband of Elkton Mayor Jackie Boyd Weathers, recognized this year’s scholarship winners at graduation, stressing in his presentation that the scholarships would not be possible without the support provided the alumni association by so many in our community. Dr. Weathers, who was nominated to the United States Naval Academy and served a total of six years in the U. S. Navy and Naval Reserve, holds a Ph.D. in communication and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Dr. Weathers is a practicing psychotherapist in Clarksville. David Leavell, TCCHS Class of 1965, assisted in the scholarship presentations to this year’s recipients. Mr. Leavell is also a 1965 graduate of Todd Central and a deacon at the First Missionary Baptist Church in Elkton, the site of this year’s baccalaureate ceremony. He is married to Mrs. Phyllis Edmonds Leavell, also a member of the Class of 1965.

Those 2015 graduates recognized at graduation Friday night, May 29, included Regan Sandefur, who received the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Technical Scholarship in the amount of $2000.00. Elizabeth M. Addison, First Honor Student, received the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Academic Scholarship in the amount of $2000.00. The late Tom and Rowena Everett were lifelong supporters of education from the Fairview area. Ms. Rowena died last year on July 4, 2014, her 100th birthday. Both supporters of Lindsey Wilson College, Mr. Everett has a building on that campus named in his honor. Autumn M. Harris was the recipient of the Buddy and Christine Boyd Memorial Girls’ Athletic Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00. This scholarship is one honoring the late Buddy and Christine Boyd, two beloved members of the Todd County community. One of the two TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships in the amount of $750.00 was awarded to Brooke N. Johnson, and the second TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarship in the amount of $750.00 was awarded to Valerie A. McIntosh. Jonathan A. Partlow, Jr. received the Carolyn L. Wells Academic and Leadership Scholarship in the amount of $750.00 This was the first year for this scholarship given by Carolyn Wells, who served in the TCCHS English Department from 1972 until her retirement in 2006. DeAndrea N. Dunbar received the Jeffery Wayne Farmer Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $550.00, a $50.00 scholarship increase from last year. The Farmer scholarship honors the late Jeffery Wayne Farmer, a 1990 graduate of TCCHS who died from cancer. Stephen Thomas Smith received the Gary Strader Memorial Agriculture Scholarship, also the first year for this scholarship, one in memory of the late Gary Strader, a 1985 TC graduate who was killed in a farm accident.

This year’s eight alumni scholarship winners received a total of $8300.00 in scholarships from the alumni association, an increase of $800.00 from last year. Mrs. Jackie Weathers, scholarship committee chair, emphasized that this year saw a growth in the number of students who completed applications for the scholarships, and she expressed appreciation to other members of the scholarship committee – Charlotte Morrow, Class of 1966 and a former member of the TCCHS faculty; Joyce Wright Darby, treasurer of the alumni association and a member of the TCCHS Class of 1972; Jeremy Long, alumni association vice-president and a member of the Class of 1998; and Carolyn Wells, secretary of the alumni association and a former member of the TCCHS English Department. Also expressing thanks to those of our community and alumni who have contributed to the scholarship effort, Mrs. Weathers remarked, “We are so very appreciative of the positive response we have been given through our efforts to provide these scholarships. It is indeed a positive reflection on the value so many of our community members and alumni have for education, and we are indeed so blessed that we have been instrumental in assisting so many students in their desires to attend college and/or technical schools.”

A supporter of the scholarship effort, Renee Jackson Moyd, a 1978 graduate of TC, a graduate of Brenau University in Georgia with a MBA in business administration, and the Director of Network Planning and Development at the University of Florida in Jacksonville, emailed she is so very grateful for the efforts of the alumni association to support students in their pursuit of education past the secondary level. Several graduates, several community members, and several former teachers who have provided financial backing to the alumni scholarship effort have echoed that sentiment. Ron Lewis, a retired Kentucky politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1994 to 2009, having represented the 2nd Congressional District of Kentucky, provided this very fitting bit of wisdom – “Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations.” That being said, the 2015 graduates of TCCHS have indeed been provided supportive stepping-stones offering them financial backing to pursue their college and technical school goals.

~ Article by Carolyn L. Wells

May 30, 2015


2015 Scholarship Winners and “Best Wishes” to Class of 2015

Names of the 2015 TCCHS Alumni Association’s scholarship recipients will be announced at graduation. We appreciate those who contributed monies to the scholarship effort, and we also appreciate the efforts of the seniors who applied for the available scholarships. We also extend our thanks to Jackie Boyd Weathers (Scholarship Chair), Joyce Wright Darby, Charlotte Morrow, Jeremy Long, and Carolyn Wells for their efforts determining the winners of the scholarships! We also take this means to wish the Class of 2015 success as they soon begin their journeys past TCCHS!

“TC Showcase – Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future” Planned for May 15, 16, and 17, 2015

The TCCHS Drama Department and the TCCHS Alumni Association are sponsoring “TC Showcase — Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future” on May 15, 16, and 17, 2015, in the TCCHS Auditorium. The “Showcase” is basically a rebirth of the former Rebel Revues/TC Showcases many folks in our community recall. Darlene Groves, Sonja Carlock, Vivian Templeman, and Kim Wofford are completing most of the work for this event along with the TCCHS Alumni Association. There will be a ‘Dinner/Showcase’ on Saturday evening, May 16, from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. Tickets for this meal will be $15.00 in advance and include a ticket to the ‘Showcase’ starting at 7:00 PM. The meal will consist of marinated chicken, baked potato, green beans, roll, dessert, and a beverage. Contact the TCCHS front office @ 270-265-2506 for dinner/showcase tickets. Each night’s Showcase tickets will be sold during lunch at TCCHS and at the door each night; please know, however, that only 100 tickets are available for the meal. Since the auditorium only seats 472 folks, you may want to purchase your tickets in advance to be guaranteed a seat on a particular night.  Proceeds from this year’s Showcase will be used by the TCCHS Drama Department and the TCCHS Alumni Association to fund future scholarships and/or drama events. Please join us and spread the word about this special event!

Friday Night, May 15, at 7:00 PM … “TC Showcase” Only … Tickets are $5.00 Each (They may be purchased during lunch at TCCHS, at “Something Special” in Elkton, or at the door.)

Saturday Night, May 16, from 5:00 – 6:30 PM and at 7:00 PM … “Dinner/TC Showcase” … Tickets are $15.00 … Only 100 Available (They may be purchased in the office at TCCHS.)

Saturday Night, May 16, at 7:00 PM … “TC Showcase” Only … Tickets are $5.00 Each (They may be purchased during lunch at TCCHS, at “Something Special” in Elkton, or at the door.)

Sunday Matinee, May 17, at 2:00 PM … “TC Showcase” Only … Tickets are $5.00 Each (They may be purchased during lunch at TCCHS, at “Something Special” in Elkton, or at the door.)



TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships Posted Online

Please share this info with as many of the members of the TCCHS Class of 2015 as possible.

The late Nelson Mandela, a humanitarian and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 until 1999 and who became the first black president of South Africa and the first president elected in a representative democratic election in South Africa, penned these memorable words – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The late Kathy R. Whitford, a well-known and beloved teacher at South Todd Elementary, shared often with her students at South Todd, “Education is something no one can ever take from you.” Jason Meriwether, a 1997 graduate of TCCHS and now the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana, emailed, “In 2014, the average salary for a college graduate was $48,707.00 according to the National Association of College Employers, while the average salary for persons with only a high school diploma was $28,000.00.  Taking advantage of scholarship support to earn a degree can have significant impact on lifetime earnings and annual income.  The only thing better than earning a college degree is doing it for free.”

Since its formation in May 2013, one primary goal of the TCCHS Alumni Association has been its emphasis on generating monies to finance scholarship opportunities for the graduates of TCCHS. This past May 2014, the Class of 2014 graduates of TCCHS received a total of $7500.00 in scholarships offered through the efforts of the alumni association. That figure, one that speaks highly of those individuals and graduates who have committed monies to this effort, reflects the caring nature of so many TCCHS alumni and so many Todd Countians, including those who remain in the area and those scattered around the world. Obviously, to generate those funds, the alumni association has been fortunate in having those scholarship supporters ‘jump on board’ to provide the funding necessary for those scholarships. Jackie Boyd Weathers, chair of the association’s scholarship committee and newly elected mayor of Elkton, added, “The TCCHS Alumni Association has been so very blessed to have had the opportunity to organize the efforts of several who have contributed to the alumni scholarships, and we are so very appreciative of the generosity of those who are making these scholarships possible.”

In a recent survey of college costs, the College Board reported a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2013–2014 academic year averaged $22,826.00. For a private college, that figure was almost doubled at a cost of $44,750.00. Ann Henderson Gardner, TCCHS Class of 1965, shared that scholarships are “like gifts from God.” Noting her granddaughter, Haley Register, is a college student in Tennessee, Mrs. Gardner emphasized scholarships enabled Haley to fund her tuition at UT in Knoxville. She added, “When my daughter Nancy Gardner Register started at Murray State following graduation from TCCHS in 1986, $1500.00 covered her first semester completely.” Obviously as all those who have tackled college in recent years realize, those figures have indeed skyrocketed. Dawayne Kirkman, the Director of Sinclair Community College’s Learning Centers in Dayton, Ohio, and a member of the TCCHS Class of 1994, however, emphasized, “The college going process can be an overwhelming one, but the benefits of graduating are many. Students that graduate with a two or four year degree make a higher lifetime earnings, as well as have a more fulfilling work environment, better health, and longer life.” He cited 2013 data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealing that someone with a typical high school diploma earns a median wage of approximately $651.00 weekly in comparison to someone with a bachelor’s degree who can earn about $1108.00 weekly.

The association’s scholarships that will be offered to this year’s seniors through the efforts of the alumni association include the Buddy and Christine Boyd Girls’ Athletic Scholarship, the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Scholarship, two 2015 TCCHS Memorial Alumni Association Scholarships (one in memory of Jeffery Wayne Farmer, Class of 1990, and the other in memory of Kenneth Michael Miller, Class of 1972), the Gary Strader Memorial Agriculture Scholarship in memory of Gary Strader, Class of 1985, and two TCCHS Alumni Association Scholarships. Those scholarships obtainable this year reflect a $500.00 increase from the scholarship total awarded last year. Tyler Harris, winner of the Kenneth Michael Miller Memorial Scholarship and the son of Kevin and Jill Harris, emailed, “It was an honor to be selected as a recipient of one of the first scholarships offered through the alumni association.  The money will help cover expenses as I work toward my goal of graduating from the University of Kentucky and pursuing a career as a professional.”

Noting that the scholarships can be used at both colleges and technical schools, Mrs. Weathers stressed that the scholarships the association is providing are available and are posted online at She added too that they can be easily downloaded from the association’s website. She also emphasized that students need to be mindful of the requirements for the scholarships with all scholarships except the Tom and Rowena Everett Memorial Scholarship requiring a GPA of at least a 3.0; the Everett Scholarship, on the other hand, requires a 3.5 out of 4.00. Mrs. Weathers added too that completion of the scholarships is not an arduous task; however, she underscored they must be submitted to the TCCHS guidance counselor by April 15, 2015.

C.S. Lewis, the well-known poet, novelist, and essayist, penned, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Lewis, known for The Chronicles of Narnia, holds the distinction of dying on the same day as the late John F. Kennedy, Lewis’ death, however, obviously shadowed by the loss of JFK. We have all heard the cliché ‘You cannot win something if you do not register, ’ and that cliché very aptly fits the alumni association’s encouragement for this year’s TCCHS seniors to ‘apply for the scholarships available to them.’ Obviously, many scholarship opportunities from many outlets exist; however, Linda Stokes Fritz, president of the TCCHS Alumni Association, reiterates the need for the Class of 2015 to take the time to apply for the scholarships. A former educator and guidance counselor, Mrs. Fritz emailed, “The TCCHS Alumni Association encourages all seniors who meet the GPA requirements to take time to apply for those scholarships. I am certain those students recognized last year will attest to the fact that having scholarships definitely lessens the burdens of college expenses.”

~Written by Carolyn L. Wells

January 19, 2015

TCCHS Alumni Association Begins New Year

The TCCHS Alumni Association has been active at several basketball games promoting the association, selling polo shirts and silicone bands, and accepting association memberships. We do hope you will be certain to maintain your yearly memberships since these funds help to finance our alumni scholarships! Our gray polo shirts sport our alumni logo, and the silicone bands are ideal for both adults and youth. The bands also make excellent jar top openers. Please stop by and chat when you see us at different events.

The alumni association meets regularly the third Thursday night of each month at 6:00 PM in the media center at TCCHS! We hope you will join us for a meeting. We also are still having “Alumni Night” each fourth Monday night at L & R Soda Shop in Elkton. We hope you will also take time to join us at L & R and support both the alumni association and L & R as well!

Alumni Association Extends “Best Wishes” and Reminders

The TCCHS Alumni Association extends its warmest wishes for a joyous Christmas and a blessed 2015. We have accomplished much throughout 2014, and we anticipate continued success in 2015. Please remember if you have not mailed in your $10.00 yearly dues for 2014 to do so. We have sent emails as reminders to those who joined last fall, and we hope you will choose to renew your membership again. Remember that monies generated from memberships fund our scholarships.

We would love to see you at “Alumni Night at L & R Soda Shop” each fourth Monday as the Claytons and staff of L & R support our efforts to generate additional funds for scholarships! We know you will be blessed with the congeniality of the L & R staff, and we know too you will enjoy the meal provided by the staff at L & R.

We ask you to share information about the TCCHS Alumni Association with as many folks as you can! We also invite you to attend any of our meetings whenever possible. We meet the third Thursday night of each month at 6:00 PM in the media center at TCCHS! We hope to see you soon!



“1st Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant”

Grenville Kleiser, a North American author of inspirational books born in Toronto, Canada, and a public speaking instructor at Yale University, left us this very memorable quote – “Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment.” When you consider the many accolades of ‘good humor’ cited in Kleiser’s quote, you more than likely will concur that ‘good humor’ is indisputably ‘good for the soul.’


With those attributes of ‘humor’ in mind, mark your calendar for Saturday evening, November 15, 2014. That date, the third Saturday night in November, is one that will bring those in attendance several hours of laughter and smiles as quite a few educators, community leaders, a local preacher, several TCCHS students, the TCCHS dance team, and the TCCHS cheerleaders will provide both the entertainment and concessions for those in attendance. Add to that the benefits of assisting with a worthy cause and enjoying one that is ‘family-oriented,’ and you will agree the evening will be one well worth your being in the audience. Sponsored by the TCCHS PTO, the goal of this fund-raising event is to generate funds to purchase a new video projector system for the auditorium. Faye Turnbaugh, PTO president, added, “The PTO officers tossed several fund-raising ideas around at an earlier meeting this year, and everyone agreed that we wanted to do something different; we also wanted something the whole family could attend, and we wanted community involvement.”


Mrs. Jennifer Pope, TCCHS principal, remarked, “The ‘Womanless Beauty Pageant’ will feature Todd County staff, students, and community members. The event will be entertaining and fun for the entire family. When the PTO works for our students, they always go above and beyond expectations to entertain the community.” She added, “I expect nothing less than a great show on the 15th. The students, staff, and I appreciate so much the PTO’s contributions to our school; the members consistently donate time and skills to TCCHS, and each effort made by the PTO directly benefits our students.”


Noting the TCCHS auditorium and its facilities are used not only for students’ benefit but for the community’s benefit as well, Mrs. Pope explained, “The school truly is an extension of the community. By having a projector available for events, the auditorium can be used by outside groups and allow for more people from the community to bring activities to our school. It is always the goal of TCCHS to get the community involved.”


Of course, all folks are wondering who the participants will be in this ‘womanless beauty pageant,’ and some of those tentatively slated for contributing to the ‘good humor’ of that night include Arthur Green, former TCCHS staff member and president of the Todd County Retired Teachers; Todd Marshall, former TCCHS principal; Michael Taylor and Ed Oyler, Todd County Board of Education administrators; Steven K. McGhee (’06), history teacher and girls’ soccer and girls’ basketball coach; Chuck Sadler (’86), South Todd Elementary; Bruce Voth, South Todd assistant principal; Jon Partlow, preacher at West Side Church of Christ; Jason Clardy (’01), Elkton policeman; and Kendall Farmer and Lucian Moore (’89), TCCHS football coaches. Emcees for the evening will include Craig Bristow (’03) and Shane Hessey, owner of Todd County and Cook-Webb Funeral Homes. Also assisting with one of the events planned for the night are several TCCHS students – those young men, mostly seniors, include Grant Edwards, Logan Powell, James Bishop, Nathan Brown, Dylan Wilkerson, Cody Morgan, Naytrimus Harris, Hunter Harper, and Dylan Nichols.


Doors open at 5:30 PM with concessions available to the public; please note that proceeds from the concessions are earmarked for the cheerleaders and dance team. Concessions to be sold will include hot dogs, pork chop sandwiches, popcorn, and drinks. Tickets for the pageant are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Those five and under are free. Mrs. Turnbaugh also expressed thanks to Robert Downey, representative of Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial, who is matching a pledge of $1250.00 of total monies collected that night at the door. With the event striving for a goal of $7000.00 to purchase the new video equipment, your attendance will definitely serve two purposes – it will add to the coffers necessary to assist with improving the capabilities of the TCCHS auditorium, and it will also provide a ‘family-oriented evening of entertainment’ that is guaranteed to produce several hours of ‘good humor and laughter.’


~Article by Carolyn L. Wells

October 24, 2014


TCCHS Alumni Association Offers Several Items!


TCCHS’s First Graduating Class, the Class of 1964, Will Be Honored at Football Homecoming 2014!

The TCCHS Alumni Association will be hosting refreshments to honor the Class of 1964 at TCCHS’s 2014 Football Homecoming. Refreshments will be served to members of the Class of 1964 from 6:00 until 7:00 PM on Friday, September 26, 2014, in the media center at Todd Central. This will precede the football game between TCCHS and McLean County. Also, Mrs. Jennifer Pope, TCCHS principal, shared that a special space will be provided at the football game so that members of the Class of 1964 will be able to sit together. She also emailed that the Class of 1964 will be recognized that night. Please share our plans with members of the Class of 1964! We hope to see many alumni and members of the Class of 1964 that night!


TCCHS Alumni Association Geared Up for Year Two

Confucius, the well-known and often quoted Chinese philosopher, teacher, editor, and politician, penned these words – “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.” The year 2013 saw the initial “planting of a seed” for a non-profit organization that has been christened with the name “TCCHS Alumni Association.” Its leadership has also chosen for its motto the words “Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future” with the word our obviously referring to TCCHS. The year 2013 also saw several milestones for the neophyte organization including its creation and adoption of bylaws, its selection of a motto, logo, and mission statement, its organization and election of officers, its sponsoring a “50th Year Celebration” honoring the first jubilee of TCCHS, its securing of a website and community presence, its providing invitations to join the association to 48 of the 51 classes of TCCHS, and its culminating its first year of existence with the awarding of $7500.00 in scholarships to the 2014 graduates of TCCHS.

With a membership now totaling just over 300 alumni and friends, the TCCHS Alumni Association is ‘geared up and running’ in its second year and is well underway with plans for several activities the remainder of this year and next year as well. Linda Stokes Fritz, president of the association, pointed out, “We are so very thankful for the encouragement the alumni association received during its first year, and we anticipate continued support as we work to promote TCCHS and to provide even more scholarship opportunities for the students of TCCHS.” She added that in the weeks past and during the weeks ahead the association has plans to be present at several sporting events to solicit either new members or to renew memberships for folks who joined last year. Carolyn Wells, secretary of the association and chair of the membership committee, stresses that it is very important that members from last year either seek us out at different activities or return the membership form that is available online at She added that quite a few graduates joined the association last year at several home football games; however, this year Todd Central has only two home football games left, and that obviously will curtail the opportunities either for folks to renew their memberships or join the association for the first time.

Saturday, October 4, 2014, is Elkton’s HarvestFest, and the association will again be present on the Square for that event from 9:00 until 3:00. In order to generate more monies for scholarships, the association will be selling to the public candy bars, blow bubbles, colorful masks, polo shirts, silicone bands, and, of course, membership opportunities. Some other smaller items may also be added that day to generate more scholarship monies. Also available at HarvestFest are donations for two afghans. The afghans, ones crocheted and donated by Sue Frederick Neeble, Class of 1969 and a director for the association, will be given away at some point during the next year, and they are ones that will definitely be treasured items and would make excellent gifts for anyone. Tickets for the afghans are $1.00 each or six for $5.00.

Obviously, one other very important goal for the alumni association in its second year is the maintaining and expansion of scholarship opportunities for TC students. The organization welcomes talking with any person, family, business, or group to establish a scholarship either in memory of someone or simply as recognition for some individual, business, or group. Jackie Boyd Weathers, scholarship chair, echoes the sentiments that the association is so very pleased that we were able to award $7500.00 in scholarships last year. She emphasized, “Todd Central has so many very capable students, and the association wants to assist those students as they transition to the ‘real world’ following high school.” Noting that the association offers scholarships for students entering both the academic and technical routes, she also underscored the association wants the ‘word out’ about the scholarships available to this year’s seniors, adding the scholarship applications are available at

Mrs. Weathers also shared, “To generate more scholarship monies, members of the association will be at the L & R Soda Shop each 4th Monday from 5:00 PM until closing.” She extended the association’s appreciation to Kenny and Heather Clayton for their willingness and generosity to donate part of the proceeds of sales each of those nights to the alumni association. She commented, “Everyone loves L & R, and the Claytons’ supporting the alumni association is an added plus for us as we raise monies for scholarships.” Linda Stokes Fritz also echoed her appreciation for the support that has been given to the association by Mrs. Jennifer Pope, new principal of TCCHS. Even though Mrs. Pope has just stepped into her new leadership role, she has embraced the alumni association and made the association feel welcomed at TCCHS. That is indeed heartwarming since the goal of the association is to work as a liaison with Todd Central.

As apparent in its early history, the alumni association is a group of volunteers who are utilizing their talents for the betterment of Todd Central High School along with its students and staff. Please feel free to contact any officer or director of the association if you want to become involved in some activity of the association. Please know we are still in our formative stages, and we are still making plans as we move ahead during our second year. Everyone is also encouraged to become involved and become members either as alumni of TCCHS or as friends of the organization. We definitely realize the many responsibilities folks have in today’s fast-paced world; however, we encourage anyone interested, either alumni or friends of TCCHS, to attend our monthly meetings. Currently we meet the third Thursday evening of each month in the media center at TCCHS. Time for the meetings is 6:00 PM, and typically the meetings last about an hour. Our next meeting is Thursday, September 18, and we welcome newcomers, alumni, and friends to our meeting! We hope to see you there!

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells



TCCHS Yearbooks Now Digitized

In a combined effort with the Todd County Public Library, the TCCHS Library, and the TCCHS Alumni Association, all TCCHS yearbooks are now digitized. The effort was begun with a request from OCI (Oklahoma Correctional Institute) to have access to the paper copy of the yearbooks of TCCHS. The company was sent five yearbooks to determine what the finished product would look like, and the Todd County Library was very pleased with the results. Because the Library did not have all the yearbooks, Cathy Cavanah, current media specialist at TCCHS, and Carolyn Wells supplied the missing years. The yearbook JPEG files, which are 300 DPI (dots per inch), are now available to the public with the proceeds from the sale of the digitized yearbooks being split between the three groups – the Todd County Public Library, the TCCHS library, and the TCCHS Alumni Association. A digitized yearbook will sell for $31.00 with the JPEG files being mailed on a CD. That amount includes a $1.00 to offset the costs of postage and the digital media. Please contact Audrea Fiese Clairmont, Class of 1995, at the Todd County Public Library if you are interested in purchasing the digitized yearbook. Her email address is If you prefer, you may also send a request to Carolyn L. Wells at

TCCHS Alumni Announces New Officers/Directors

The TCCHS Alumni Association’s officers and directors elected at the July 17, 2014 meeting to begin their terms August 1, 2014 will be Linda Stokes Fritz (president), Jeremy Long (vice-president), Carolyn Wells (secretary), and Joyce Darby (treasurer). Directors-at-large will include Ann Henderson Gardner, Charlotte Morrow, and Sue Frederick Neeble (Class of 1969). Non-voting directors-at-large will include the new TCCHS principal, Mrs. Jennifer Sullivan Pope, and Connie Bellar Wofford, TCMS principal.

We appreciate these individuals who are willing to serve in this capacity. If you would like to be considered for a position for the 2015-2016 term of officers, please let us know! We also encourage you to attend any of our meetings! Visitors are always welcome!

TCCHS Alumni Association Welcomes Mrs. Jennifer Pope, New TCCHS Principal


For the 13th time in its history, Todd Central welcomes a new leader. Mrs. Jennifer Sullivan Pope, who has been an employee of the Todd County School District since 2005 and a member of the TCCHS faculty since 2012, officially took the reigns as principal of TCCHS in recent weeks. Mrs. Pope, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Austin Peay State University, has a varied background teaching U. S. history, algebra, social studies, reading, humanities, and mathematics intervention. In the absence of a principal at Todd Central in recent years, Mrs. Pope has served as lead administrator, and she has also functioned as STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program) coordinator for both TCMS and TCCHS. From 2009-2014, Mrs. Pope was the Todd County teacher network leader for the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, and she has presented several conference sessions on the use of the iPad and MacBook in the classroom. A native of Bethel Springs, Tennessee, Mrs. Pope resides in Russellville with her husband David. The TCCHS Alumni Association welcomes Mrs. Pope to Todd Central, and we extend to Mrs. Pope our best wishes on her continuing the tradition of strong leadership at Todd Central.

TCCHS’s 50th-Year Celebration a Success!

An alumna of the Class of 1980, Renee Brizendine Thompson, said it eloquently – “What a nostalgic day! Every time I go ‘home’ I appreciate where I grew up even more. Elkton, Kentucky: Rich dirt. Open spaces. Winding roads and rolling hills. Values instilled. Friends to share it all with. God Blessed. Today was Todd County Central High School’s 50th-Year Celebration. Never thought of it as historic, but now I guess it is!” Those words truly portray the sentiments heard so often this past Saturday, May 17, as the halls of TCCHS were opened to the 50 years of graduates, educators, and friends who have fond memories of a place so many are proud to call their ‘home.’

The TCCHS Alumni Association’s primary goal during the planning stages of the event focused on paying homage to the leaders of ‘yesteryear’ who provided the solid footing for the first year of TCCHS’s history, a year that included the opening of a new school facility along with the opening of the doors of Todd Central to all Todd Countians as integration of the former high schools in Todd County also transpired with the beginning of the 1963-1964 school year. That smooth transition to a new facility and to the new concept of integration in Todd County is credited by many to the strong management abilities of Henry C. Malone, superintendent of the Todd County School District during the planning stages and first years of TCCHS’s history; to the very positive leadership style of Robert N. Bush, first principal of TCCHS; and to the many educators who formed the first faculty of TC, many of those faculty members former educators at the high schools that merged into TC.

Mr. Henry Malone along with the first-year teachers who could attend the celebration on Saturday were recognized early in the afternoon program by Wayne Benningfield, current superintendent, and Phyllis Hardison Traughber, a member of the first graduating class and a former educator in the Todd County School District. Mr. Benningfield presented Mr. Malone, a resident of Guthrie, a copy of the 2014 TCCHS Rebel yearbook dedicated to him by the yearbook staff as a memento for his years of service in the formative years of TCCHS’s history. Mrs. Joe Nell Waters, Class of 1973 and former principal of TCCHS, also recognized each of the eleven former principals of TC during its first 50 years along with current principal Todd Marshall. Ann Bush Wolfe, daughter of Mr. Robert Bush, was also presented a certificate honoring her father as the first principal, a leader so many of his colleagues and former students recall as a very caring and capable person able to make appropriate decisions at a crucial time in the founding of a new school in a new era.

Judy Anderson Donnelly, Class of 1968, recalled in an email about Mr. Bush – “Few principals are respected and admired, much less remembered, fifty years later! Mr. Bush led quietly, sternly, or with great humor, depending upon the situation, and he was a great judge of when to let things go.” She added, “He loved his students and had a strange power of knowing what we were doing, even on weekends! I remember that students and teachers secretly donated money for his Christmas presents! One year he received a color TV and another year a recliner! Doesn’t that speak volumes? He was presented his gift at an assembly or pep rally, and he was led in blindfolded.”

A secondary goal of the alumni association on Saturday was to provide for the public an opportunity to ‘walk the halls’ of Todd Central to see the many updates that have transpired during its first 50 years – those changes include many that students of the early years had not witnessed – new lighting, new lockers, and energy-efficient windows; central heating and air; renovated restrooms; an expanded media center and cafeteria; and the many other facelifts that have occurred in recent years. Ann Wolfe and former teacher and principal Jim Young, along with many of the other visitors on Saturday, were extremely complimentary of the new state-of-the-art auditorium that opened in 2006. Anyone who has seen this facility will echo that reaction as the facility hosted the afternoon program that also showcased the musical talents of former students Euletta Harris Sweeney, Latrice Sweeney Ford, Amanda Sweeney Bassingthwaite, Anthony Hightower, Rocky Rager, Libby Sims Lancaster, Carol Sims Tapp, Amanda Sims Groves, Cedrick Leavell, Halie Sawyers, Class of 2015, and Roger Sweeney, another Todd Countian and a 1966 graduate of Muhlenberg Central who contributed his musical talents. Also adding to the afternoon program was Darrell Crawford, Class of 1993 and current pastor at Living Hope Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, who provided opening remarks along with the invocation. Mike Kenner, Class of 1975, former teacher, principal, and superintendent, ended the program with a benediction. In his remarks, he too voiced the strong foundation that TCCHS has provided for so many individuals who have exited TC’s doors.

Tours of the building included for many a walk down memory’s lane as the TCCHS media center became a ‘hodgepodge’ of memorabilia with displays for each decade grouped for all to see. Cherie Higgins Morris, Class of 1985, remarked that one of the favorite items for her decade was a picture of Ms. Marion Williams, TCCHS’s first librarian, riding a four-wheeler. Those who recall Ms. Williams would indeed smile to see her perched on a four-wheeler with former teacher, coach, and principal, Mr. Harold Ross, perched behind her. Obviously, many visitors were certain to remark that their decade’s collection rated much higher scores than the other four. The association expresses its thanks to Sharon Patterson Shemwell, Darlene Powell Groves, Cherie Higgins Morris, Brittany Withers Prather, Brittney Addison, Judy Anderson Donnelly, and Anna Jo Moore Parmley for their efforts organizing the collectables.

Kane Reed, six-year-old son of Dr. Dusty Griffin Reed, Class of 2000 and former vice-principal at North Todd Elementary, was excited to visit Todd Central for a ‘party,’ and his great-aunt, Cherie Higgins Morris, stated Kane was very pleased that ‘the party’ included cakes and punch in the cafeteria. Linda Stokes Fritz, Class of 1966 and vice-president of the alumni association, expressed her gratitude to Debbie Johnson, Susie Camp Greenfield, and Bettye Fowler for their willingness to tackle the preparation and donation of the cakes and punch along with Ms. Johnson’s willingness to create a beautifully decorated cafeteria. Mrs. Fritz also voiced the gratitude of the association to Mr. Wayne Benningfield, Larry Rager, the TCCHS PTSO, and the faculty and staff of TCCHS for their support of the association and the day’s celebration.

Ms. Fritz also stated, “The TCCHS Alumni Association is so very blessed that we were provided the backing necessary to host a day’s event to honor the first 50 years of TCCHS. When we asked someone to complete some task for the day, we were always greeted with a positive remark. Our efforts could not have succeeded without the enthusiasm and work of so many of our alumni, officers, friends, and alumni directors.” Sharon Mallory Wilson, Class of 1970, stated it beautifully, “Many thanks are due for the efforts put into the TCCHS 50th Anniversary Celebration. From the tour, to the refreshments, to the memorabilia, to the special music and program, and most especially to the opportunity to see former classmates and teachers – the day was enjoyed by all who attended. As Linda Stokes Fritz said during her remarks, ‘This was the only TCCHS 50th Anniversary. Kudos!’”

TCCHS Alumni Association Plans May 17th Event Honoring TCCHS’s 50th-Year

Did you know that TCCHS sits on a site that encompasses 40 acres? Did you know the original site was purchased in 1959? Did you know the Todd County School District’s superintendent at the time of the purchase was Mr. Henry Malone of Guthrie? Did you know that TCCHS first opened its doors to students in September of 1963? Did you know the first principal at TCCHS was Mr. Robert N. Bush? Did you know that Mr. Bush later became a superintendent for the school district? Did you know that TCCHS combined students and faculty members from Clifty Consolidated School, Guthrie High School, Todd Training School, and Elkton High School? Did you know that several of the faculty members of the 1963-1964 school year still reside in our area? Did you know the newly formed TCCHS Alumni Association is hosting “TCCHS’s 50th-Year Celebration” on Saturday, May 17, that event honoring the first 50 years of TCC?

Obviously, those ‘did you know’ questions are intended to spark your interest in the history of TCCHS. With 50 years of graduates currently calling Todd Central their alma mater, many Todd Countians recall their ‘high school’ with very fond memories. Obviously, too, we all realize every memory of TCCHS is not a ‘fond’ one as students today, and students and graduates of the past, recall the many assignments, projects, and tests that were or still are a part of their recollections. However, on Saturday, May 17, folks of all ages will be able once more to tour TCCHS and reflect upon their own memories of their former ‘home away from home.’

Memorabilia displays for the 1960’s, the 1970’s, the 1980’s, the 1990’s, and the 2000’s until the present are intended to rekindle many memories of past years. Mrs. Helen Crutcher, a member of the TCCHS English Department from 1963 until her retirement in 1993, remarked recently, “Technology of the early days included ‘old-fashioned’ black and white televisions, filmstrip projectors, manual typewriters, and filmstrips. Bulletin boards and chalkboards were teacher mainstays along with the actual textbooks themselves.” She also laughed recalling that chalk was a commodity in great demand as teachers used chalkboards on a daily basis. Along with the collectables of the decades will be tours of the facility from 10:00 until 12:00. Please know those folks of the early years will see many major changes – air conditioning throughout the building; an expanded media center, kitchen, and cafeteria; renovated restrooms; a state-of-the-art auditorium; a modernized music department area; and renovated classrooms throughout the facility.

Part of the activities of the day will also include refreshments in the cafeteria until 12:45 followed by a special program in the auditorium from 1:00 until 3:00 PM. The program, one planned to focus on the early years, will see several of the first year faculty members in attendance. Mr. Henry Malone, superintendent during the formative years of TCCHS, is also an invited guest along with the individuals who have worn the title of principal, again several of them still residing in our area. Music is also a part of the program with several TCCHS alumni, along with one current student, a part of the afternoon event.

Understandably, the TCCHS Alumni Association realizes folks have many commitments during the busy days of their lives. However, Linda Fritz, vice-president of the alumni association, assures everyone that “TCCHS’s 50th-Year Celebration” will be a day to honor the first 50 years of Todd Central along with the individuals who are remembered as the ‘founding fathers’ of TC. Please add this very special day to your calendars; hours for the event are from 10:00 until 3:00 PM and include registration in the foyer area until 1:00; refreshments in the cafeteria from 10:00 until 12:45; facility tours until 12:00; memorabilia displays in the media center from 10:00 until 12:00; and the special program in the auditorium from 1:00 until 3:00. The association feels confident that spending either all or part of your day there will be a memorable activity that will last a lifetime. ~Article by Carolyn L. Wells