TCCHS Alumni Association Begins Fourth Year!
The TCCHS Alumni Association is well into its fourth year of existence. We are so very appreciative of those many alumni and friends who have chosen to become active in the association or assist when called upon for different projects. As you are aware, the association provided $9350.00 in scholarships to graduates of 2016. We also anticipate that amount increasing at the close of 2016-2017. Those figures speak highly of the support that our community and alumni have provided.

Our intentions are to offer the same scholarships from last year along with two possible new scholarships, and we need your assistance with ‘spreading the word’ about our scholarship efforts! Our goal is to continue to offer scholarships in two areas – the academic area and the technical area. In order to do that, we need next year’s seniors, the Class of 2017, to be aware of those scholarship opportunities and apply for the scholarships that will be offered. Obviously, if funds permit next year, we will expand the number of scholarships the association offers. Because of the recent flooding in Elkton, we have not been able to provide updated scholarship info since Jackie Weathers, Scholarship Chair, has been very busy assisting the flood victims. We hope to have the scholarship info available to the Class of 2017 in the very near future.

In the Forms link above are the specific details about joining the association and/or donating to help the association with the scholarships we will award at the end of the 2015 school year. To make it easy for us to maintain an accurate database on all graduates, you may use the contact form on that page as well. You will also find scholarship PDF files that can be downloaded and printed by the Class of 2016 next year. Please share this information with those students who are looking for scholarship opportunities.

The News link allows us to share important news items and other items of importance to everyone. Please check this link often to stay abreast of meetings and other alumni activities.

We are currently using our Photos link to share pictures of our alumni activities, of our meetings, and of class reunions and other events that have been emailed to us. If you would like to share a photo or photos, please email them to tcchsaa@gmail.com. Please include names and other picture info to help us identify folks involved. Obviously, we reserve the right to include items sent to us.

Please also take time to check out Volunteer Opportunities and stay in contact with us. In this link you will also find an alumni questionnaire PDF file that can be completed and returned to us. We want to showcase the many graduates of TCCHS, and we need your help in sharing TCCHS’s many alumni success stories. Any help is appreciated!

In our Alumni link, we are showcasing alumni from TCCHS. We want others to know about the many successful graduates of Todd Central, and this is one avenue we are using to complete that goal of the association.

Currently we are meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each month from January through November at 4:00 PM at Todd County Central High School (806 South Main Street) in Elkton, KY. We will meet in December only if a meeting is necessitated. If you have any questions, please email those inquiries to tcchsaa@gmail.com. Please know that the association recently opted to secure a permanent mailing address; that address is P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220.

Contact Info and TCCHS Alumni Association’s Mailing Address

If you would like to contact an officer of the organization, please contact Jeremy Long, TCCHS Alumni Association’s newly elected president (Class of 1998). Jeremy’s phone number is (270) 604-0669, and his email address is area2812@yahoo.com. You may also send an email to Carolyn L. Wells (Class of 1968) at tcchsaa@gmail.com.

The new mailing address for the TCCHS Alumni Association is P. O. Box 611, Elkton, KY 42220. We just recently opted to have a permanent address to allow for easier sharing of info.   If you prefer to contact us via the Internet, you may use the contact form below.

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Approved Motto of the TCCHS Alumni Association …

“Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future”

Approved Mission Statement of the TCCHS Alumni Association …

“The TCCHS Alumni Association reaches out, connects, and celebrates its alumni and friends, embracing the present while looking to its future to build lifelong relationships and support of Todd County Central High School.”