TCCHS Alumni Association Begins Its 2022-2023 Year!
Please note the past few school years the Todd County Central Alumni Association, like so many other organizations, was sidelined because of the pandemic. At its meeting on August 16, 2022, officers/directors and one guest present voiced our commitment to encourage alumni and/or friends of TCCHS to join in our efforts to provide scholarships to the graduates of TCCHS. As true from our beginnings in 2013, the association continues to generate monies for these scholarships from the sale of TCCHS-related items, from the generosity of so many who support our scholarship efforts, and from our monies secured through our yearly or lifetime alumni association memberships.
The TCCHS Alumni Association now enters into its 10th year of existence with the onset of this school year. We obviously are so very appreciative of those many alumni and friends who have chosen to become active in the association or assist when called upon for different projects. As you are probably aware, the association provided $26,850.00 in scholarships to the graduates of 2022. That figure, our highest since our first offering scholarships to graduates in 2014, speaks of the support our community and alumni have provided. Our intentions are to offer most of the same scholarships from last year, and we need your assistance with ‘spreading the word’ about our scholarship efforts. Our goal is to continue to offer scholarships in two areas – the academic area and the technical area.
The association meets each third Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 PM during January through November in the media center at TCCHS. A meeting occurs in December only if it is necessary. Obviously, unforeseen conflicts have caused some meetings not to occur in previous years.
TCCHS Alumni Association Membership Forms

We also invite you to become involved in the TCCHS Alumni Association either as a graduate of TCCHS or as a friend of our organization. Memberships are either $10.00 yearly or $200.00 lifetime. A yearly membership can be contributed at any point during a calendar year. Obviously, lifetime memberships can also be made at any time someone chooses. Attached below is a PDF file to open, print, complete, and return to us. Please realize we are attempting to use all monies generated from our membership drive and other activities to finance student scholarships, and we hope you will understand the need to aid us by printing and mailing your own membership form(s). We also solicit your assistance in ‘spreading the word’ about the organization, and we ask for your continued patience as we work through the process of organizing the association!

Please print, fill out, and return the form below to us with your membership information and payment.